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Prospect Podiatry gives great, cutting-edge clinical and cares services for people with their feet and lower leg health.  Andrew van Essen, Ph.D., PT, is a podiatrist, and his book, Under the Head of Van Essen, will help you understand the basics of foot health, care, and prevention. Andrès van Essen is a podiatrist and surgeon specializing in treating foot, ankle, and lower extremity problems. While Jessica Ng is a general podiatrist. The two podiatrists are enlisted on the board of podiatry.  If it isn’t too much trouble, there’s always a possibility to contact the amazing receptionists at our office. They’ll be glad to help with anything you might need.


You’ll work with an assortment of patients and may give non-physician recommended medicine to minor circumstances. If you have a specific situation that requires special care or attention, it’s worth getting in touch with a qualified professional. You may need to access and provide:

  • Therapy
  • rehabilitation services
  • pain management
  • acupuncture
  • massage therapy
  • specialist medical devices
  • professional dressings
  • taping and splinting
  • speech therapy
  • procedural/manipulative therapies.

As a podiatrist, you’ll have to:

  • The survey, analyze, treat and assess anomalies and sicknesses connected with the foot and lower appendage in individuals,
  • everything being equal,
    give treatment to high-gamble with patient gatherings like the older
  • and those with the expanded hazard of removal
    offer guidance
  • and make references to other medical care and social administrations experts as suitable
    utilize restorative
  • and careful procedures to treat foot and lower leg issues (for example doing nail
  • and delicate tissue medical procedures utilizing neighborhood sedative)
    endorse, produce and fit orthotics
  • and different guides and apparatuses
    convey foot well-being training
    comprehend the mechanics of the body to save,
  • reestablish and foster the development
    work with individuals in sports to address sports-related wounds to legs
  • and feet utilize a scope of gear including careful instruments, dressings, treatment tables, orthotic (inward sole) materials, lasers, processors, molding hardware, x-beam,
  • and video stride examination hardware (which takes into consideration investigation of patients’ strolling or running issues)
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Prospect Podiatry

Working hours

The work hours for the NHS are commonly 37.5 each week. In confidential practice, you may work all the more deftly and should do some evenings and weekends to satisfy patients. The best decision is to take some time off your studies and get a job at the local hospital instead. This could provide you with much more experience and money. This could involve working for a present-day confidential podiatry facility, working within a GP procedure, carrying out home visits, or taking on locum work.

What to Expect

Work is an equal premise. Patients of all ages appear. They might frequently be kids or the aged. You might be necessary for a multidisciplinary group that can incorporate GPs, medical caretakers, dietitians, and physiotherapists in a scope of settings like clinics, local area facilities, and patients’ homes. You’ll have to feel happy with working in what can at times be unpleasant conditions that involve openness to natural liquids like blood, urine, and feces.

Working independently is one of the most commonly chosen options whenever someone wants to test his or her independence. To achieve your goals, you must have at least two positions, for example, education, independent work, and work in the NHS. It’s normal to lease a therapy room on-premises. For instance, it’s normal for a clinic, sports wounds care, retail store or stylist to lease a therapy room.

An established retail establishment is a chance that could lead to more opportunities. You’ll need to travel to different locations to provide services to people and their health needs. This profession is generally known among Europeans and then some, allowing you the opportunity to work overseas.


You’ll have to have:

  • a comprehension and information on science, particularly science, life structures, and science
  • superb relational abilities, both verbal and written, including the ability to make sense of clinical language and treatment in clear language
  • useful abilities, including manual adroitness, to complete treatment
  • listening abilities and a quiet and grasping approach to managing patients’ interests
  • the capacity to work freely and as a feature of a team with other medical care experts, for example, specialists and medical care providers
  • thinking abilities and thinking abilities with the capacity to make your judgment
  • superb utilizing time productively and hierarchical abilities to be able to adjust to an occupied and different responsibility
  • an imaginative, adaptable, and propelled way to deal with work
  • great IT abilities
  • business abilities if working in confidential practice.


It is a well-known fact that the number of people who have a leg or foot injury is on the increase. This is because of the more dynamic lives people lead today. People are getting more active, and injuries are a part of the activity. Prospect Podiatry is a good treatment for a foot injury.

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