Pros & Cons Of Installing A Wardrobe Online With Mirror Or Without Mirror

The highlight of every bedroom is unmistakably the wardrobe. Although it’s a repository place for your clothes and other possessions, one doesn’t simply see it as a storage unit. It is a statement piece of home décor. The two primary options that these wardrobes come in are the ones with mirrors and the ones without mirrors. Wardrobes with mirrors are always preferred, even when they are browsed online for design ideas. But here is the catch, with or without mirrors, setting up a wardrobe is not easy. From choosing the design to the size of a wardrobe, there is a lot of background work to be done. Here are the pros and cons of installing wardrobes with or without mirrors.

Let us look into the advantages and disadvantages of having mirrored wardrobes:

Space Consumption

When we look at wardrobe ideas, the ones with sliding doors take up less space than the ones with open doors. And it is more sensible to have the mirrors in your wardrobe than to have them fitted separately and eat up all that space in the room. This would also give your room a larger-than-life effect. Since the purpose of installing a mirror is to reflect, that is what it does. The reflection of the room through the mirrors gives the illusion that the room is larger.

Dual Functionality

Any furniture in a room that comes with multi-function features and is made of wood; is always preferred over the others. The same goes for wardrobes. Most of us prefer to get dressed up in our bedrooms. And once we are dressed, we will have to try out clothes multiple times before we land on the right fit. Hence, a wardrobe with a mirror installed makes it easy. However, these mirrors that are fitted to the closets may vary in size. So, a full-length mirror will serve your purpose better. Consider buying a dual door wooden wardrobe online with both doors having mirrors, this will allow two people to get ready at one time. It saves time, does it not?

Choosing an Outfit is Simplified

Previously, we had mentioned that it may take several trials to land on the perfect outfit. This is possible, and the whole purpose of changing and choosing clothes is simplified because of these wardrobes with mirrors. Imagine the time taken to rush to the bathroom for every trial run of clothes you make. Wardrobes with mirrors uncomplicate this process, no matter how many times you have to change before you finalize your complete and perfect look.

A Statement Choice

This is self-explanatory. Over time, wardrobe guides have come up with multiple designs and styles, from modern to vintage, contemporary, designer, etc. Apart from the designs, you have wardrobes ranging from materials such as wooden wardrobes, plywood, hardboard, plastic, steel, etc. Hence, with the right material coupled with a mirror and the right design, a wardrobe can uplift the overall aesthetic look of your room.

Always a pack

Usually, all the furniture in a room comes matching and with a theme. On such a note, nowadays stores usually sell wardrobes with side tables and chests of drawers, cots, armchairs, etc. Then some wardrobes come with drawers installed. You can match your mattress, linens, and bedspreads to the colour of your wardrobes. This makes finding the right match for your room easy. All you need to do is browse online, choose a design or directly go to stores and see what they have in store.

Now that we have seen the advantages of a wardrobe with mirrors, let us look at the drawbacks.


This can be challenging and tricky, especially when you have installed multiple full-length mirrors. The smudges every time your kids touch and play, the spills from the makeup you use, all this can make the cleaning a hassle. Cleaning can also be time-consuming so if you are on a time crunch, it is better to go for a wardrobe without mirrors. However, if you follow these following tips, then the maintenance can be easy:

  1. A microfiber, soft cloth is preferably used as they don’t leave strands on your mirror when you clean them.
  2. A solution of vinegar plus water will give a stain-free finish and wipe away the smudges and strong makeup.
  3. If you don’t like the scent of vinegar, then you can also use lemon with water.
  4. No matter the cleaning solution used, chances are they may drip while you clean from the top. Always clean from the bottom.
  5. After each clean, finish it off by wiping it with a dry cloth.

Safety Factors

It is natural to be concerned if the mirror can break. Always check for a warranty and go for tempered mirrors rather than the usual ones. Tempered glasses are heat-treated to make them more resilient and stronger to prevent damage. It would also be wise to seek assistance for delivery when you purchase wardrobes with mirrors.


It is not practical to assemble a wardrobe, especially one with mirrors all by yourself. Let the experts do it. Most wardrobes are already fitted, and they will only need to be placed in your room. But some come partially fitted, and some need to be assembled at home. Mostly the larger ones are fitted at home. Always ask the store to send assistance, make sure you overlook the work when they do it.

With the amount of availability scattered around, making the right choice may seem very confusing. Wardrobe ideas are plentiful; the best and most practical way would be to journal down what you exactly need. The process should not be exhausting. Instead, it should make you excited. Hence, make smart decisions. Above are a few tips and tricks one can look into. Always does the background work, look into all available options, and see what is cost-efficient yet does not compromise on what you desire. If you have anything to add to the above, feel free to let us know what you have to say.