Pros and Cons of Window AC Installation at Your Home

Window air conditioners have been a preferred choice to keep indoors cool for a long time now. These units can easily fit into the windows of your room and are good for making it comfortably cool during the hot summers. 

However, they come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. If you are thinking of bringing a window AC home, you should be aware of both the pros and cons of installing one in order to make an informed decision. Let us take a look.

Advantages of Window ACs

  1. Unlike split ACs, window air conditioners are competitively priced and you can get one within your budget easily. Prices of window ACs start at  ₹17,000 and can go upto ₹36,000 as per the capacity and features that you desire..
  2. They are also energy efficient and will help you save on electricity bills. This is because a window AC has a smaller fan motor.
  3. These air conditioners do not take up much space since they conveniently fit into the window of a room. No extra space on the wall or floor is required.
  4. Window ACs are easier to install since a small hole is to be drilled in the wall for wiring and copper tube. No ductwork is required unlike a split AC which comes with two units and has a lengthy installation process.
  5. Most brands offer features such as a dehumidifier to make the air cool and dry, intelligent cooling for automatic temperature and fan speed adjustment and auto restart to let the AC resume operation during a power cut. Some models have a sleep mode to help you sleep comfortably during the night while others are equipped with dust filters to keep away germs and bacteria from the air that you breathe.
  6. A window air conditioner is also easy to maintain. The filters need to be washed once in a while along with routine cleaning. Some ACs also come with a smart diagnosis feature that alerts you to a malfunction in the device to take prompt action. Auto filter clean indicators are also provided in a few ACs to remind you when you have forgotten to do so.

Disadvantages of Window ACs

  1. Exterior support is required to install a window AC and it can get tricky if it is difficult to ensure a proper installation due to a small or a very large window size.
  2. Installing a window AC blocks the window in the room. It can be a hassle to shift it to another room or house if you live in a rented accommodation.
  3. Some window ACs can be noisy during operation and can be a disturbance while sleeping or working.
  4. You also need to be careful that the water outlet pipe of the air conditioner is placed in the right way. Since it is outdoors, care needs to be taken that the water does not fall on those walking on the street or on a metal surface prone to rust. Also you need to drain it out regularly if it accumulates to avoid breeding of mosquitoes.
  5. Window ACs may require wooden panels for proper fitting if the window size is big. These may let in hot air, decreasing the cooling efficiency of the AC.

So, keep the above pointers in mind when you purchase a window AC and choose the right device for your home.

Sapna Singh

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