Pros and cons of using weight gain pills

Wanted to gain weight instead of losing it? wanted to reshape your body and transfer your body into your desired shape? It’s a dream of all men and women to look fit, and strong. If you are the one then, you might be trying different workouts, exercises, and diet plans, to look fit and stronger.

But, let me ask you something is it working and showing efficient results? If yes then good for you and if no then you are missing something.

Yes! after having a hardcore, exercise, and non-stop eating still you are not gaining weight then you need to try Weight Gain pills. These are effective and show wonders. In general, it seems easier to gain weight but in reality, it needs a lot of effort and patience to gain weight.

Many weight gain pills are available on the market but currently, Mass Gainers Results are attracting many customers, who want to gain some extra calories and look stronger.

Besides these facts, some people might think that these weight gain pills are not effective and just a waste of money but it’s wrong to make any judgment before trying any product. you never know how exceptionally it will fulfill your needs and provide you with the desirable outcomes.

If you want to learn more about weight gain pills then how about discussing their pros and cons? I know it will surely make up your mind and helps you to make a decision. So why waste time let’s move towards the pros and cons of consuming weight gain pills.

Pros of weight gaining bills

Provide extra calories

No doubt! The mass gainers provide you with the high calories that are much needed in process of gaining weight. But one thing that needs to remember is that you need to take these supplements after the doctor’s recommendations. As compared to people who consume the weight gainers or mass gainers pills regularly than those who don’t always have high calories count. So, if you want to get in shape and gain more muscles instead of fats you also need to consume the pills and exercise according to your trainer. Each pill carries out almost 1000 to 4000 calories

High in Creatine

Creatine is known for its enriched body nourishing qualities. Creatine also helps you to create wide muscles. These weight gainers carry out a high range of creatine which boosts up the process of weight gain and makes your muscles stronger. It will help you to obtain your desired body weight and transform you into a perfect shape. Including creatine, it also provides you with the other substantial vitamins that are needed to gain some weight

Carries L-Glutamine

L glutamine is the most important element for your body if you are having hardcore and stressful activities. It helps you to deal with the stress and anxiety that is caused by the hardcore exercise which you need to do to bring your body in perfect shape.

Formulated fats

The weight gainer pills provide you with specially formulated fats which are highly important to build up the muscles. Also, it helped the body to stay active and produce more energy. The best about this formulated fat is that it helps you be leaner and never accumulated the fats onto different parts of the body.

Cons Of Weight Gaining pills

Let me clear you one thing different companies in the market are providing and manufacturing weight gainer supplements. All the supplements are not suitable for everyone as everybody is different and the outcomes of gaining supplements also depend on your body. But some of the most common disadvantages are mentioned above.

Creatine With Caffeine

The mass gainer pills carry out a high range of creatine and caffeine but these are added to the pills in un-balanced quantity so, so if you consume them separately it is effective for you but if you consume these substances as a mixed solution then it will react differently and sometime cause you dehydration.

Taste awfully

If you are a choosy picker then unfortunately you might seem it tastes awful. All the weight gain pills or supplements taste ridiculous. But if you want consistent results then you need to be patient and in very rare cases it might get harmful if you consume low-quality products.

Sleepless Nights

As I have mentioned above these weight gainer pills come in a blend of caffeine and creatine so they also carry caffeine which sometimes causes sleepless nights. These sleepless nights also cause you mental disturbance or stage 1 insomnia.

Gastric Pain

It does have some rarely notable side effects such as in case if you take excessive dosage then you might also cause gastric pain which is quite harmful and painful for you.

Kidney Damage

It is also one of the rarely known side effects as Creatine is famous for its muscle-building qualities but in some cases, it might affect your kidney and cause kidney damage so, you have to get the assistance of your doctor in case of a mishap.


Cramping is also one of its side effects as it carries out enriches the amount of creatine, fats, protein, and vitamins then it might cause you terrible cramping. But it also happened due to high muscle exercises, but it is also necessary for your muscles.

Final words

After reading all the pros, cons, and side effects of consuming weight gain pills then you might get the idea that how effective is that weight gainer pills. These have enormous benefits but do have some cons and side effects which clearly disclaimer that if you consume a low-quality product and inadequate quantity of a product then you might have to face the cons and side effects of the weight gain pills.

Otherwise, these pills are the most effective and fastest way to tone up your body and create stronger muscles, but only remember two things consume as per the doctor’s recommendation and never go for low-quality products.