Pros and cons of on-site fuel delivery

Do you feel you’re wasting your time at the fuel station at your construction site in British Columbia? Of course, your construction tools are diesel hungry. But with all the refueling and driving, you are bound to waste much of your precious time. On-site fuel delivery is a good option to meet this issue. You can get your diesel delivered on-site by professionals. This will help you with bulk fuel storage in British Columbia, so whenever you’re short of diesel on your construction site, you can fuel it on-site rather than going to the gas station.

Save money

The rising fuel costs have become a nightmare for construction companies. Would you believe you can save a lot on every gallon delivered at your site?

When you pay for a gallon of diesel at a station, a part of the money is not for the fuel. This is why purchasing unbranded bulk fuel can help you cut over 15% of the total price per gallon.

Fuel delivery using or not-using on-site tanks

If you want to try fuel delivery, it is always the first time. Wet hosing helps you with fuel delivery service that doesn’t need on-site tanks. However, if your construction site has bulk fuel storage in British Columbia, you can go for that also. A fuel company like Woolley Home Solutions will fill your tanks and return on the given schedule.

Professional oversight

If you go with wet hosing, you can have an expert’s oversight to supervise the event. If you’re worried about the fueling procedure or the safety of your workers, then you can get professionals monitoring the whole situation.

Don’t be too concerned about closures

When you’re working and need fuel at midnight, the downtime can take valuable time away from you. Using a fuel delivery service can help you overcome this problem. Use your site as a local fuel center; even if the gas station is closed, you don’t have to worry about it.

Stay off the road

Taking fleet on short treks to gas stations may put your tires through unwanted wear and tear. Also, taking heavy construction equipment on the road may not be easy and legal. Hence, keeping your construction equipment off the road is best, and fuel delivery makes it possible.

Fuel your generators without hassle

Another benefit of fuel delivery is that you can keep your generators fueled without any hassle. You can ensure your business operates without driving the jerrycans to the gas station. You need to call a fuel delivery service to fill your generator’s diesel tank, and it’s done.

Easy truck fleet management

Regardless of your workers’ efficiency, handling a truck fleet is not for all. You need to manage your expensive machinery and also keep a check on your employees and contractors. If you think your staff is making money and not getting diesel filled fully in the trucks, then that’s not right. Fuel delivery cuts down all the problems. You can supervise the fueling and stick to a truth system.

The only con is that you must be aware of the fraud companies. Look out for a reliable fuel delivery company, and you will enjoy all the above benefits.