Pros and Cons of Living in The Address Jumeirah Resort and Spa

Hotels that offer premium relaxation and great five-star reviews from experts often make the news every now and then. Sometimes, it is merely evidence of good PR (public relations), but most times, for the company to remain in the spotlight, it must offer some kind of value that makes visitors want to come back. This is a review article on The Address Jumeirah Resort & Spa and the pros and cons of living there. According to Ax Capital, these reviews were gathered from users of the hotel and based on majority submissions.

The advantages of living in The Address Jumeirah Resort & Spa

  1. Maximum luxury & comfort: The Address Jumeirah Resort & Spa was built with an ultra-modern approach to comfort and luxury in such a beautiful composition. The living rooms are large and fitted with a dining area with ease of access into the kitchen and the bedrooms but that’s not all. The interior designs are inspired by La Dolce Vita; modern and creative, with state-of-the-art white finishing. You’d be walking into a semi-paradise with ultra-soft lighting and high appreciation of the white sands of the JBR. Nothing short of epic.
  2. Additionally, both locals, internationals, and tourists have purchased apartments and rented spaces at The Address Jumeirah Resort & Spa. Although the living room spaces and compartments are very private, a step outside and you may be having a new Israeli friend or meeting a new foreign national. It, therefore, gives you options against boredom.
  3. Living at The Address Jumeirah Resort & Spa is extraordinary; you also have access to top dining restaurants such as the International Beach Grill, Li Brasil, ZETA Seventy Seven, and other iconic restaurants with great meals. The Address Jumeirah Resort & Spa also has a spectacular lounge area.

The disadvantages of living in The Address Jumeirah Resort & Spa

Well, whenever there is an upside, there could be a downside too right? The major disadvantage of living in The Address Jumeirah Resort & Spa is that it is quite pricey. It is neither for the fainthearted nor for the faint-purses. The Address Jumeirah Resort & Spa is quite expensive, a three-bedroom could cost up to AED 6, 000, 000 and the running costs for maintaining such a high-rise apartment are equally on the higher side.

Furthermore, the apartments are at best semi-detached. The Address Jumeirah Resort & Spa is built to compliment the curves of the beach and to utilise the space, as such, it is made of interconnected buildings with central lounges and entry space. This singular fact is good for socialising, but maybe too much for people who love to live in exclusive apartments or fully detached villas.

Lastly, there is barely any vegetation or green initiative. Due to its location, fans of greenery and green surroundings may not fancy living here. It is a modern structure aimed at maximising space and not looking green. So no lawns or green landscape as the case may be. 

Is living in The Address Jumeirah Resort & Spa too luxurious or touristy?

Many users equated living in the resort as almost too good to be true. The 75 Storey apex relaxation hotel has various residences ranging from a single bedroom to five bedrooms, fully furnished and fully serviced apartment, and it is just adjoining the sparkling blue sea waters of Dubai Marina. It has an iconic waterfront view and is connected to two 310-metre tall skyscrapers with a bridge at the top. The Address Jumeirah Resort & Spa is not too luxurious or touristy, it is built with maximum attention to detail and premium comfort in mind. Read more on the official website


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