Proposal Writing Service: A Tactical Solution To Improve Customer Conversion

A potential client has shown interest in your product, service, or project after you have finished work on it. What can you do to convince your prospect that your offer is a perfect fit? Your proposal should make your customer feel listened to, solve their problem, and remove their hesitation to buy. An ideal way to do this is to hire a company that offers Research Proposal writing services.

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You can also achieve this by following these 11 steps to make sure a tactical solution to improve customer conversion occurs.

To Improve Customer Conversion: Here’s How To Write The Perfect Proposal

Here are the 11 phases you have to go through before you can ask for the business and get it.

Make sure you do your homework 

When it comes to tailoring and customizing your proposal for your potential client’s specific needs, you cannot put a price on doing your homework. Take a look at their past performance, achievements they’ve made, difficulties they have experienced, and problems they have solved. For the analysis of a problem, you can use both SWOT and PEST analyses. Customising your proposal in this way is highly recommended.

Understand the problem your client is facing

Do you know what problems your customers are trying to solve? How can you help? How will resolving these problems affect them in the long run? Your skills and solutions can help the client resolve their problems if you understand their problems.

Make your proposal unique and compelling

 The proposal’s outline serves as its foundation. An easy way to organize your arguments, like that of writing an essay and a sales speech, is to organize your thoughts and follow them step by step. Make sure you include these points within your proposal writing:

  • An overview of the business, including the title and contact information, email, and submission date, if necessary, and info about the establishment’s background
  • A summary of the team members and their biographies.
  • Describe the client’s problems in brief (based on your knowledge)
  • An outline of the market research to be conducted.
  • Solutions (customized for each client)
  • Dates and schedule for monetary investment (price)
  • Contractual Conditions – Client Appreciation
  • Implementation plan

Offer a solution that is tailor-made

You should address primarily the issues your client is most concerned about in this section, taken from the research you have already done.

Be aware of the delivery deadlines

 Make sure your USP stands out from the competition. What makes you the most suitable candidate for the assignment? Include your technical expertise, creative ideas, etc. Is this a uniquely qualified project for you?

Costs and deadlines

Time and money play a crucial role in the success of projects. Business agreements often come to an end over this issue. Always keep your money in your pocket.

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Both time and money options are typically offered-three in total. Customers feel more in control of their spending decisions, are less prone to look at your competitors and feel more confident about their choice.

Provide a range of monetary investments starting at the highest level and going to the lowest level. It allows for a more comfortable mindset when talking about pricing, as well as preventing sticker shock.

Include client references

 Highlight your past work and client satisfaction. Your prospect will feel comfortable and confident in using your services after reading these endorsements. You should always make sure the proof you provide is relevant and up-to-date (past clients from similar backgrounds would be ideal).

 Make your impact with less, rather than more. If the prospect wants to know more about your past clients, provide them with the names and websites of your past clients. Your company will gain much credibility by providing social proof.

Action Required

You should get a contract from the prospect and seal the deal. If you assume this person will sign the contract with you, use positive language. It will be obvious if you are not confident or hesitant. Do not allow that to define you.

The proposal is one step closer to finishing a deal – and it is one step closer to success. Don’t let any opportunities pass you by. When the client requires more information, offer to provide the necessary contact information, as well as to make copies of the proposal for stakeholders.

Include Visuals

The human eye is the most powerful sense. Image processing is faster than written words. Create impactful charts and graphs to support your points. The color scheme of your proposal should reflect the nature of the proposal you are putting together; remember that both of these aspects will come into play.

Read, proofread, and send

You show your professional expertise through the proposal. Make sure all grammar and spelling are perfect, avoid using jargon, and be clear about your mission and vision.

Perhaps you should use a grammar checking tool such as Grammarly to get rid of incorrectly constructed sentences. You may want to send a copy for initial review to a coworker before submitting it to a client.

Keep in touch

 After sending out the proposal, allow the client a couple of days (up to a week) to respond. They will then have the opportunity to examine the proposal and share it with their shareholders. Send an email or make a telephone call to confirm the next steps and overcome any objections. After the first follow-up, you may need to negotiate, but regular communication is essential for success.

Your Proposal Writing Skills Have Improved! How Does That Benefit You?

 In an ideal proposal, the following objectives would be met:

  • When you know what your customers need, they’ll feel valued.

It’s crucial to understand this. Research, focusing on prospects and focusing on solving their pain points rather than just focusing on deliverables illustrate that you have investigated, honed in on your prospects, and are working to address their pain points. Ensure that you limit the scope of the project and provide easy-to-understand, effective solutions by showing your understanding of the prospect and pointing out how your ideas best fit into solving the challenges they face.

  •  Explaining your qualifications increases customer conversion

Put an end to the negotiation. Establish a clear link between the problem your client is experiencing and the solution you are going to use to resolve it. Show your understanding of the problems your customer faces. Your clients can see a prosperous future after using your services if you link the entire process from start to finish.

  • A proposal prompts the client to act.

Whether it’s a simple phone call or an email, make sure every aspect of the information is clear. This area is critical since it not merely highlights why you are the ideal candidate for the position, but also makes connecting with you straightforward and easy.