How to Maintain Your Proper Posture at Work

Since people would usually be at work for at least 8 hours a day, proper posture is very important. For office workers, sitting with the wrong posture for that long will have some negative effects on your health.

Having proper posture while you work, be it in the office or out on the field, is mandatory for a good and healthy lifestyle. Even if you have the best standing desk for offices, getting tired and being stressed about work will almost always result in bad posture.

Keep in mind these ways on how you can maintain a proper posture while at work!


Take Note of Body aches

When working, note down when your body seems to ache a bit and where. Particularly when the part that’s hurting is the back, shoulders, or neck. By doing so, you’ll find out that they usually hurt at this time, or when you do something.

Bear in mind that posture is something that we rarely think about. There are times when we change positions subconsciously. When that happens, what might have been a good, healthy posture may have turned into a bad one without you noticing. 

When you take note of these, you will eventually realize why it happens– especially if you keep track of what you were doing before the part ached.


Be Aware of Your Posture

When working you should try your best to not do the following: slouch your back, cross your legs and tilt your neck. These are some of the most negatively affecting postures that can make your body hurt a lot more than it should.

You should keep your back straight. Keep your monitor at eye level, and have your feet flat on the ground. These usually happen when you’re in a neutral posture. In doing so, you essentially keep your back in its natural state. 

In this position, there is little to no muscle stress affecting your spine and the rest of your body.

By being aware of your posture, you can essentially prevent yourself from fully slouching and correct your posture every time that you start to realize that you’re going into that kind of posture.


Take a Break from Sitting 

For office workers, in particular, they spend at least 1/3rd of their day sitting down. 8 hours in the office, and probably an hour or two while at home or during the commute. Sitting down, though comfortable and easy on the feet, is not something that you should do for long periods of time. Sitting down for hours on end has been linked to some unhealthy practices and illnesses. 

Most of the time, bad posture happens because a person sits down for hours. He begins to slouch or cross their legs. Depending on their office’s setup, he might need to tilt his head to be able to look at his computer.

Sitting down and an unergonomic workplace are the prime suspects of bad posture. To counteract this, people should take standing breaks. Stand up, stretch your muscles and move around.

Take a break from sitting down every 30 to 45 minutes. It prevents yourself from locking up in place and it also gives your muscles some much-needed movement after staying put for 30 minutes.

These breaks let you keep your body and muscles warmed up and help release the stress from the rest of your body, especially your back and neck.


Use Ergonomic Supports

When all else fails, there’s always the presence of ergonomic equipment

These products help support your body in a way that promotes good posture. For example, ergonomic chairs or ergonomic supports help keep your back straight when you sit down on your office chair. 

There’s also the standing desk. These tables are interesting contraptions that can either be set as a sit-down table or a standing table. Getting the best standing desk for your office will help dramatically in making sure that everyone has better posture. It helps a lot in making sure that you don’t just need to sit all day. These desks can easily be converted into standing mode and sitting mode.

You can also use bodily instruments that help make sure that your body is always in an upright position.

You should take note, however, that these supports can’t solve all of your back pains and body aches. It should only be a supplement to most of the points that have been mentioned above.


Key Takeaway

A good posture will lead to a better life. So you have to continually strive for such even if the situation usually prevents you to do so. Instead of just accepting that you have to sit down for 8 hours straight, you should find ways to keep your body moving at work.

In order for you to keep your body from any pain and aches, you should always think of these points whenever you can.

Who knows? While doing so, you might develop habits that will help improve your posture as well!