Proper Lighting Tools for a Camper

The summer season is an excellent time to hit the road for super fun and incredible road trips. Most people look forward to the summers for that reason, among many others. Oftentimes, you wish to get your whole crew or gang out on the roads before the fall season comes knocking on your door.

You do have a long vacation to spare, but one thing that is likely to make you a tad hesitant is simply being out on the road for so many days! Questions like where and how you are going to live, how you will spend the long nights with your friends, etc are probably going to run through your mind.

If you’re sick of trying to cook dinner by the light of your lighting tool, then you’ve probably thought about investing in a 12V lighting setup for your weekend camping escapes.

Whether you want to add lights to your tent, caravan, vehicle, annex, or awning – once you get the hang of the basics, it’s super easy to add extra illumination to your setup.

Whether you want to update only your light bulbs or switch out the entire fixtures, we will point you in the right direction. Do you want to replace your old light fixtures? It’s easier than you think!

There are two issues that come with RV light fixtures:

  • They can be boring.  They don’t have much style.
  • The bulbs aren’t LED.  Energy sucks!  They could get really hot and even leave burn marks. Yikes! Scary, isn’t it?

RV Range Hood Bulbs

Your RV or motorhome is considerably small, and when you cook, you will have air pollutants like steam, grease particles, greasy smoke, and odors coming up to the surface.  Add carbon monoxide and nitrogen into the mix, and you will have an air quality problem in your RV.  

To avoid all these problems, you might want to install a range hood which would help remove polluted air from the inside to the outside.  It could also help clean the air inside your RV.

There are so many benefits to having a range hood inside your RV or motor home.  First of all, it can help suction steam and hot air so cooking inside your small RV will be more comfortable.  

Range hoods keep the RV cleaner. It keeps airborne grease from sticking on surfaces, counters, and cabinets. It forces polluted air outside your motorhome or RV.  It creates a negative pressure which causes clean air to enter the RV, thereby improving air quality. Your RV is considerably small, and you cannot always cook outdoors.  

Camper solar panels

Anyone living off-grid in an RV or campervan knows how precious the electrical supply is. 

Even with a roof packed with camper solar panels, the battery store provides a finite amount of power, so opting for the most efficient lighting solution is important.

LED bulbs offer the most energy-efficient lighting solution.

Taillight bulbs

Taillights are important to you and your family’s safety while you are on the road.  If your lights are busted, you need to change them immediately.  They offer a safety aspect to your RV or motor home.  Taillights show the rear edge of your vehicle to allow other drivers to gauge how small or large your vehicle is.

Other drivers will also be able to see your RV or motor home despite rain or snow.  If your tail light has gone out, it will be very dangerous. So, you need to replace your tail lights right away.  Otherwise, you can get pulled for busted tail lights.

LED lights are indeed becoming a more popular choice when it comes to tail lights. They are smaller, and they last longer than traditional lights.  They have become quite popular, and they are commonly used on trucks, cars, RVs, and motor homes.

Key takeaway

Bright white lights can attract bugs, so the color is something to factor in when making your decision. The white light will provide better visibility, but orange is going to reduce the presence of bugs by a significant amount.

If you choose to use white LEDs, avoid hanging them over cleaning/washing or food areas. This will draw bugs to the area, which can get messy and unsanitary when preparing meals. To be on the safe side, you might want to choose white and orange lights so you have both options.