Proper Guide on Cost to Study Abroad in Japan You Must Read

Japan offers one of the best education prospects to students all over the world. International students keep flowing into Japan for a high level of education the country has to offer. Not only universities, but some of the best international schools are also located in Japan. So, in this guide entailing the cost to study in Japan, we begin with the cost of international school education.

Public School Fee

The elementary and lower secondary schools in Japan do not ask for a fee to the students. However, they have to pay for actuals such as uniforms, books, stationery and other requirements of their course. For high school students, the average fee is JPY 112,000 a year.

Private and International School Fee

Private and international schools charge fees at the nursery and lower secondary levels too. Their fee can range from JPY 290905 a year to JPY 346072 a year. The fee increases with the yearly growth of the student. For a high school student, the fee can range from JPY 46900 to JPY 537000 a year. The fee of international schools depends upon their quality, the facilities they offer and the curriculum chosen by the student. However, a lower fee does not mean a dip in the quality of education in Japan schools.

Higher Education

There are two options for higher education in Japan – Japanese Vocational Institutes and Universities in Japan.

For any kind of Japanese higher education, you first need to master the Japanese language. Most of these schools teach in Japanese. English medium universities and colleges are only a few. So, if you want to keep your options open, you can join a Japanese Language School. You can take a short-term course for 2-12 weeks or take a longer course, depending upon your requirement. The language can be your gateway to the premier options for higher-education that Japan has to offer.

A one-year course at a Japanese language school costs approximately JPY 700,000 and the admission fee about JPY 50000 in the first semester. In total, approximately JPY 750,000.

Japanese Vocational Institutes

Japanese Vocational Colleges or Senmon Gakko are like junior colleges. They offer practical and skill training in professional courses. You can master subjects like game design, anime, manga, music, dance, illustration etc. However, Senmon Gakkos also teach subjects such as industry, agriculture, nursing, education and social welfare, business, and homemaking.

This is a two-year course which offers you a diploma at the end. You can easily transfer to a university from Senmon Gakko. Their tuition fee is approximately JPY 124000 a year. The fee for science courses and the art courses differ by approximately 10%-12%.

Universities in Japan

There are public as well as private universities in Japan. Both offer a variety of courses for local as well as international students. The fee for public universities is approximately JPY 850,000 for first-year undergraduate students. Private universities charge approximately JPY 1,600,000 a year. But the prices differ according to the university, and the courses are chosen.

The fee for higher-education in Japan differs only slightly between international and local students. Japan allows scholarships as well as part-time work with necessary permits to students to support their university education.


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