Prompt Engine Pro Review – Price & OTOs + Exclusive 5,000 Bonuses + Bundle

Prompt Engine Pro, the AI-powered Agency app that helps you 100X the power of ChatGPT just went live. This is the app you need if you want to open up multiple income streams for yourself.

If you have been overwhelmed by ChatGPT and are not sure how to use it to make profits with it, this is the app you need. It is more than just a collection of Prompts and is loaded with Agency Features and even an in-built Teleprompter to help you record videos using AI-Generated content.


Thanks to Karthik Ramani, I get the results I wanted

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Product namePrompt Engine Pro
VendorKarthik Ramani
Front-end price$37
Release Date2023-Jun-21
Release Time11:00 EDT
RecommendedVery High
Skill levels neededNo need any skills
SupportEffective Response
BonusesMega 5,000 Bonuses Value At $2,976,749
Refund30 Day Money Back Guarantee  


Prompt Engine Pro is an AI-powered agency app that makes ChatGPT 100x more powerful and helps you profit using ChatGPT in multiple ways with a few clicks.


Prompt Engine Pro FE: Prompt Engine Pro

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Prompt Engine Pro OTO 1: Prompt Engine Pro Bundle

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Prompt Engine Pro OTO 3: Prompt Engine Pro Advanced


Prompt Engine Pro OTO 4: Prompt Engine Pro Club

Prompt Engine Pro OTO 5: Prompt Engine Pro Mid Journey

Prompt Engine Pro OTO 6: Prompt Engine Pro Marketplace

Prompt Engine Pro OTO 7: Prompt Engine Pro Business

Prompt Engine Pro OTO 8: Prompt Engine Pro Reseller

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Prompt Engine Pro is developed and promoted by MadasamyKarthik Ramani, and Matt Ford.

You may hear these names before because they are bright stars in producing masterpieces: PlayPix, RewardslyLeadsGorillaEasyLinksLocalReputor, LinguaScribeMarketPressoClickAgency, etc.

This team is up to something again so don’t miss it, visit my Prompt Engine Pro Review now.


Prompt Engine Pro is giving you:


Hand-crafted, tried & tested proven to work customizable prompts.


From Email Marketing to Affiliate Marketing and From Ecommerce to SEO, we have it all covered. Pick any income-generating category and get your Done-For-You Prompts done in minutes.


100s of Subcategories helping you get laser-targeted prompts for your work.


Choose a prompt that best suits your needs and fill in the blanks with your product or service info to create prompts that will get you extraordinary results.

Do not want to choose your prompts in English? We have got you covered. We have Prompts in Spanish, French, German and Italian. You can choose your language and then the entire Prompt Engine Pro part of the page loads in the language of your choice. You can easily choose the prompts from here


Ability to refine the results to specific length, say 100, 200, 300 or more words, and type like letter, email, story and so on..


Organize all your work for different clients in workspaces


Save all your searches in the backend in specific workspaces from inside ChatGPT


Simply select the text you want from the response and add it to a workspace using the Add To Workbook option. Keep adding as much text as you want. Click on the Workbook and give a title, edit text, move around, and save it in your workspace.

Quickly access Prompts in Trending Categories and frequently used Niches without having to search for it in the main directory of Prompts.


How cool would it be to record videos using an in-built Teleprompter? You can use the AI-Generated content and record videos on your desktop/laptop or even mobile device and download and use it anywhere you want.


Before recording the video, you can customize the text provided by AI using the text editor and even enable the Right to Left Text direction.


Get your ChatGPT Response in the language of your choice.


Use the app to service your clients


Create client Accounts and allow them to access the Extension and specific workspaces.


The prompts appear as an overlay inside of ChatGPT with a simple chrome Extension that can be installed in seconds. Connect it with your back end by copying & pasting your unique API Key.


This will enable you to use the prompts and offer a variety of services to other Businesses using the power of AI combined with Prompt Engine Pro.


We have also included Agency rights to help you sell Client Accounts, allow your clients to access specific workspaces assigned to them and even allow them to install the Extension themselves and enjoy the benefits of Prompt Engine Pro.









Prompt Engine Pro is so powerful:

  • 10,000+ Pre-Engineered Prompts
  • Covers multiple categories
  • Works as an overlay on ChatGPT
  • Don’t have to copy & Paste Prompts. Comes in a customizable Fill up the blanks format
  • Easy to locate Prompts with the search option and organized under categories, sub-categories, and even trending topics
  • The entire ChatGPT Conversational History can be stored in the backend and can be retrieved anytime
  • Easily create Notes from the Chat Responses
  • Organize work for multiple clients under different workspaces
  • Multiple Refinement Options to get better results from ChatGPT Prompts in 5 popular Languages
  • Create client Accounts with included Agency Rights
  • Lets you record videos with AI-Generated content using an in-built Teleprompter
  • Focuses on making you more profits and covers all income-generating categories and helps you with your actual work.
  • No Monthly Fees. One-time Payment ONLY


They have their eyes opened thanks to Prompt Engine Pro:



Generally, Prompt Engine Pro is a MUST-HAVE item for:

♦ Affiliate Marketers

♦ Marketers

♦ Com + Amazon

♦ Freelancers

♦ Website Owners

♦ Social Media Marketers

♦ Local businesses

♦ Any other kinds of online business



✅ The only ChatGPT Extension you will ever need

✅ Get 100X better results from ChatGPT

✅ 20+ Profitable Prompt Categories

✅ 10000+ Income Generating Prompts

✅ Runs inside the ChatGPT Interface

✅ Easily Organizable workspaces to save ChatGPT Interactions

✅ Quickly Create Notes From The Chat

✅ Refinement Options to get desired output

✅ Prompts In 5 Popular Languages

✅ In-built Teleprompter to record videos using AI Generated Content

✅ Opens up multiple income opportunities

✅ Included Agency and Commercial Rights

✅ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


❌ No Cons Found.


Prompt Engine Pro has 1 Front-end & 8 OTOs:




Prompt Engine Pro Commercial
$97/Month – $37 One-Time

10000+ DFY Prompts
20+ Income Generating Prompt Categories
100+ Subcategories to get laser Targeted Results
Easy to customize fill-in-the-blanks format for Prompts
Prompts in 5 Language
Save Prompts in the backend and organize in workspaces (100 Workspace)
Save interactions and retrieve anytime you want (10000 History / Workspace)
Quickly create notes from Chat Response
Refinement options to Refine your results (Length & Type)
Easy Access to Trending & Frequently used Categories
Record Videos Using in-built Teleprompter
Text Editor to customize the content provided by AI
Prompts Language Localization
Chrome Extension
Commercial Rights
Agency Rights
Fast Action Bonuses
The Creator Economy – $97
How to make money on Fiverr? – $147
Master YouTube Influence – $197
Internet Marketing Secrets – $397
Content Marketing Formula – $197
Modern Niche Marketing – $247
High Ticket Sales Secrets – $497

Prompt Engine Pro Advanced
$197/Month – $97 One-Time

Unlimited Workspace
Unlimited Prompt History
Advanced Prompt Refinement
Export the Response as a PDF
Add Custom Prompts
Adjust Teleprompter Scroll Speed
Ability to mirror script while recording
Ability to customize Video Script Text
Fast Action Bonuses
Launch It! – $97
The USP Advantage – $147
Video Marketing Domination – $247

Prompt Engine Pro Marketplace
$167/Month – $67 One-Time

Sell Prompts on a Marketplace
Access to a community of ChatGPT Users
Create Discussions on Topics
Create an upvote post
Ability to like and comment on all Discussions in the community
Create products to add to the Marketplace
Activate / Deactivate Products anytime
Integrate Payment Gateways
Set up Email Notifications on Purchase
Set up Admin Email Notifications for every sale
Users can Review & Rate the Product
Display Sales count & Seller information
Autoresponder Integrations to add buyers to your list
Manage Orders
Fast Action Bonuses
Product Banner Images – $147
Side Hustle Success – $57
Make First $100 On The Web – $127
Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing – $97

Prompt Engine Pro Business
$147/Month – $47 One-Time

Ability to create unlimited Client Accounts
Assign Clients to a Specific Workspace
Custom Branding on the Client’s Dashboard
Add Unlimited Team Members
Assign Team Members to Workspace
Agency Marketing Kit to sell Multiple Services
Done-For-You Agency Website
Done-For-You Sales Video
Done-For-You Facebook Ads
Done-For-You Follow-up Email Swipes
Done-For-You Fiverr Gigs
Done-For-You Phone Scripts
Done-For-You Client Presentation
Done-For-You Client Contract
Fast Action Bonuses
Deal Closing Secrets – $167
Consulting Wizardy – $137

Prompt Engine Pro Club
$157/Month – $57 One-Time

Unlock 1000+ Done-For You Prompts Instantly
Unlock 1000+ Prompts every month for the next 11 Months
Prompts in 30+ Hot Niches
More Niches & Trending Categories over the Next 11 Months
Unlimited Usage
Commercial Rights
Fast Action Bonuses
Streams Of Income Via Internet Marketing – $197
Solopreneur Success – $147

Prompt Engine Pro Midjourney
$137/Month – $37 One-Time

1000+ Midjourney Prompts
Fully customizable Prompts
20+ Exciting Categories
1 Click copy Prompts to Clipboard
Unlimited Prompt Usage Rights
Fast Action Bonuses
Image Sharing Profits – $127
Image Search Secrets – $197

Prompt Engine Pro Reseller
$397/Month – $197 One-Time

100 Reseller Licenses
Separate Reseller Panel
1 Click to Add customer accounts
Set Access Level (Front End + Advanced)
Manage all clients from 1 Dashboard
Reseller Kit with all Marketing Materials
Proven to convert Sales Copy
Proven to convert Sales Video Script
Proven to Work FB Ads
Proven to Convert Email Swipes
Launch your own software selling Business
Access to all tool Updates
Full support to your customers
Sell for one time or Recurring
No Overhead or Hidden Costs
Keep 100% of the Profits
Fast Action Bonus
ConvoBots Reseller 50 License – $297


Prompt Engine Pro Advanced

Prompt Engine Pro Marketplace

Prompt Engine Pro Busines

Prompt Engine Pro Club

Prompt Engine Pro Midjourney

Prompt Engine Pro Reseller



SuperCharge your Results with Unlimited Workspaces, Enhanced Refinement Options, Custom Prompts, and Advanced Teleprompter Features!

Game-Changing Upgrade available only for a limited time!

  • Unlimited Workspace
  • Unlimited Prompt History
  • Advanced Prompt Refinement
  • Export Response as a PDF
  • Add Custom Prompts
  • Adjust Teleprompter Scroll Speed
  • Ability to mirror script while recording
  • Ability to customize Video Script Text

What if you could create as many workspaces as you want?
What if you can create your own prompts customized for your Niche and add it and use it anytime?
What if you could get laser-targeted results from ChatGPT with advanced refinement options?
What if you could record videos better with the Teleprompter with more customization options?

Because you are very special, ONLY today you get a special and unique opportunity to lay your hands on all these advanced features for a super low one-time only price!

Unlimited Workspace

Organize your work in multiple workspaces. You can have all your research inside ChatGPT organized under different workspaces or you can have the work you do for each client organized under a different workspace. Makes it easy to stay organized and easily get the information you need anytime from anywhere.

Unlimited Prompt History

This removes all the restrictions on the prompt history that you can store. You can save unlimited interactions with ChatGPT inside your workspace and retrieve them anytime you want

Advanced Prompt Refinement

Get laser-targeted results with advanced refinement options like writing style, copywriting Framework and ability to dig deeper.

For example with the writing style, one can get the responses in a friendly tone or humorous tone or even empathetic tone.

When you refine a copywriting framework you can get answers written in AIDA framework or PAS framework and so on..

Dig deeper helps you expand, contextualize, elaborate, compare, personalize and so on..

Export Response as a PDF

With this feature you can export the responses you got into a PDF and share it with anyone easily.

Add Custom Prompts

This is a game-changing feature that lets you add custom prompts. You can add your own categories and type in and add prompts that you will frequently use. You can even add tags that will create, fill up the blanks kind of Prompts for you to use inside ChatGPT across projects.

Adjust Teleprompter Scroll Speed

You can adjust the speed of the Teleprompter and set the rate at which the text scrolls while recording the video.

Ability to mirror script while recording

You can mirror the script on the Teleprompter and project it onto your screen and read it effortlessly.

Ability to customize Video Script Text

You can customize the Teleprompter for Font size, Font color, and even background color and set it to that enables reading the text most comfortably.

BONUS #1 Launch It! – $97

If you always wanted to be on your own and buzzing with ideas but don’t know where to start, this is for you! This will help you nurture your idea and turn it into a passion driven Business. This is going to give you all the important things that you need to ensure you run a successful Business.

BONUS #2 The USP Advantage – $147

Having a Unique Selling Proposition is something every Business Needs. It kind of makes or breaks a Business. Whether you are selling products or offering services, this guide will help you create the Best USP for your Business that will make people choose you over others.

BONUS #3 Video Marketing Domination – $247

Prompt Engine Pro allows you to create videos using in-built Teleprompter. Videos are everything in today’s world and knowing how to create Traffic Generating Videos is a crucial skill to have. The Video Marketing Domination course will help you create videos that drive truckloads of traffic to your pages.


12000+ Done-For-You Prompts in Various Niches & Trending Categories

Instantly Unlock 1000+ Done-For-You Prompts in 30+ Hot Niches and Unlock 11,000 Moreover the Next 11 Months!

  • Unlock 1000+ Done-For You Prompts Instantly
  • Unlock 1000+ Prompts every month for the next 11 Months
  • Prompts in 30+ Hot Niches
  • More Niches & Trending Categories over the Next 11 Months
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Commercial Rights

We have created 1000+ Prompts in 30+ Hot & Trending Niches.

But the good News is that we will be adding 1000 more Prompts every month over the next 12 months, not just in these 30+ Niches. We will even add New Niches if there is a need and add 11,000 more prompts in the next 11 months making it a huge repository of Prompts for ChatGPT.

The biggest ChatGPT Prompt Repository ever
Extensive Research behind each Prompt
Engineered to deliver you the best results
DFY Prompts in all Popular Niches
Saves a lot of time
Provides you more avenues to profit using Prompt Engine Pro
Gets you faster Results
Start profiting Instantly
Gets you highly satisfied clients & Repeat Customers
Grows your Brand Value
Puts you ahead of your competition

Instantly Unlock 1000 Fresh Prompts in 30+ Categories

We understand that people use ChatGPT and Prompt Engine Pro for different purposes and one size doesn’t fit all.

That’s why we decided to include as many Niches as possible and added relevant prompts in all these categories.

Unlock 1000 Prompts every month for the next 11 Months

We already have 30 Categories and 1000 Prompts in these 30 Hot and Trending Categories. But over the next 11 months we are going to do something amazing. We are going to add in 1000 Fresh Prompts every single month.

You will have a huge repository of 12,000 Prompts by the end of 1 year..

YES! You read that right.

12,000 Fresh prompts!

We will be adding it in all popular categories that we already have and will also consider the suggestions from you, our esteemed users for additional categories.

This will be the biggest repository of Tried and Tested Prompts for ChatGPT!

Unlock 1000 Prompts every month for the next 11 Months

We have prompts in all these different categories which you can instantly start using. We have carefully chosen these categories to help you make the most out of Prompt Engine Pro.

Never shy away if you have a client from a New Niche that you haven’t worked before..

Chances are we have already got you covered with Done-For-You Prompts in that Niche.
These are the different Niches that we have covered as part of the Prompt Club..

Finance and Investment
Health and Fitness
Education and E-Learning
Technology and Innovation
Travel and Tourism
Food and Drink
Sports and Entertainment
Beauty and Fashion
Personal Development and Self-Improvement
Politics and Current Events
Environmental Sustainability and Green Living
Business and Entrepreneurship
Real Estate and Property Investment
Automotive and Transportation
Science and Research
Gaming and Esports
Art and Design
Parenting and Family
Social Media and Digital Marketing
Music and Audio
Home and Garden
Human Resources and Career Development
Law and Legal Services
News and Journalism
Pet Care and Animal Welfare
Relationships and Dating
Spirituality and Religion
DIY and Crafting
Photography and Videography
Charity and Non-Profit Organizations

More Niches & Trending Categories over the Next 11 Months

Our plan is to make this the one-stop shop for ChatGPT Prompts that people can use instantly and start benefiting. That’s why we will be adding as many new Niches as possible over the next 11 months.

We will also be running polls and choosing categories and Niches based on the demand that you have. You get to vote for New Categories.

Unlimited Usage

There is absolutely zero restriction on the usage of these Prompts. You can use as many as you want..

Commercial Rights

Not just unlimited usage. We are also giving you unlimited commercial rights so you can use these prompts for your clients. No limits and no restrictions.

BONUS #1 Streams Of Income Via Internet Marketing – $197

Prompt Engine Pro is all about helping you generate multiple streams of income. While it provides all the necessary tools to help you generate multiple income, this is a perfect guide that you need to have by your side to help you choose the income stream that best suits you.

It covers all the major streams of income that is possible to have via the medium of Internet.

BONUS #2 Solopreneur Success – $147

Being on your own and being your own boss is Today’s Mantra. But things can get tough and hard. Solopreneurs struggle hard to strike a balance between different things. This is a guide that will help you see success as a Solopreneur through Smarter and Faster Ways.Being on your own and being your own boss is Today’s Mantra. But things can get tough and hard. Solopreneurs struggle hard to strike a balance between different things. This is a guide that will help you see success as a Solopreneur through Smarter and Faster Ways.


Create Gorgeous-Looking Images with Ready-to-go Prompts

Give life to words by creating stunning realistic pictures & images harnessing the power of AI and our 1000+ Done-For-You MidJourney Prompts at your disposal!

  • 1000+ Midjourney Prompts
  • Fully customizable Prompts
  • 20+ Exciting Categories
  • 1 Click copy Prompts to Clipboard
  • Unlimited Prompt Usage Rights

We have done it for you..
Inside the Prompt Engine Pro’s, Mid Journey Upgrade we give you fully customizable prompts that you can put on Mid Journey to generate beautiful-looking images..

You can create images for..

Landing Pages
Social Media Posts
And so much more..

With this Text to Image AI, you can almost create images for any requirement.

Creating the same quality images in 60 seconds or so is not humanly possible. Make use of this opportunity to get access to 1000+ Mid Journey Prompts that you can customize as per your need.

1000+ Midjourney Prompts

Our expert design and creative team went to work and handcrafted 500 customizable prompts that you can use with Midjourney to generate stunning images that can be used anywhere..

Fully customizable Prompts

You can effortlessly customize the prompts as per your need inside Prompt Engine Pro

20+ Exciting Categories

We have created Prompts in 20+ Exciting Categories


Health & Fitness

Science and Research

Technology & Innovation

Travel & Tourism

Food & Drinks

Sports and Entertainment

Beauty & Fashion

Relationship & Dating


Pet care & Animal Welfare

Cryptocurrency & NFT


Sustainability & Zero Waste Lifestyle

Vegan & Plant-based Diets

Tech Gadgets & Wearables

Mental Health & Self Care

Human Stock Images

Influencer Marketing

Social Media

Entrepreneurship & Startups

Nature & outdoor exploration

Real Estate & Construction

Finance & Money Management

Brick & Mortar Stores

Events, Festivals & Celebration

1 Click copy Prompts to Clipboard

In a single click you can copy the prompt from Prompt Engine Pro and paste it inside Midjourney which can be accessed using a Discord channel.

All you need to do is type /imagine and paste the prompt you just copied to get amazing results from the AI

Unlimited Prompt Usage Rights

You can use as many prompts as you want and there is no restriction on the usage of prompts.

BONUS #1 Image Sharing Profits – $127

Did you know you can earn money online by sharing images, especially on Social Media. With the Midjourney upgrade, you will be able to create images for any purpose in any Niche. How about putting those images to good use and starting earning from it? This guide is designed to help you make profits from images.

BONUS #2 Image Search Secrets – $197

Google Image Search is a Traffic Treasure. Midjourney and our prompts to use Midjourney effectively will help you create gorgeous images. How about you use these images to get loads and loads of Traffic? Simply using these images on your pages won’t do any good. You should know how to optimize your images to attract Traffic from Google. This Bonus will help you learn the Image SEO Strategies you need to follow to get traffic from your images.


First-of-its-kind ChatGPT Prompt Marketplace
Create & Sell Prompts in a first-of-its-kind Prompt Marketplace & get access to a Buzzing community of Active ChatGPT users and keep 100% of the profits!
Create Prompts | Sell in the Marketplace | Keep 100% of the Profits

  • Sell Prompts on a Marketplace
  • Access to a community of ChatGPT Users
  • Create Discussions on Topics
  • Ability to like and comment on all Discussions in the community
  • Create products to add to the Marketplace
  • Activate / Deactivate Products anytime
  • Integrate Payment Gateways
  • Set up Email Notifications on Purchase
  • Set up Admin Email Notifications for every sale
  • Users can Review & Rate the Product
  • Display Sales count & Seller information
  • Autoresponder Integrations to add buyers to your list

Here is why this is a no-brainer..

You get the tool to effortlessly create custom prompts
You can easily create Products even if you are total Newbie
You even get a full-blown Marketplace and community with legit buyers
You even get to keep 100% of the profits

Sell Prompts on a Marketplace

Access to sell Prompts on a full-blown marketplace filled with ChatGPT users who are constantly on the lookout for Prompts that would make their life easier.

Access to a community of ChatGPT Users

All Prompt Engine Pro users will be a part of a beautiful community where healthy discussions regarding Prompts, ways to get better results from ChatGPT can all be discussed.

Create Discussions on Topics

You can create a discussion on a particular topic of your interest inside the community which will be visible to all the members. Your name and profile picture will be displayed alongside your post.

Create an upvote post

You can even create posts to get the Votes of community members. For example, post an idea for a prompt pack and get real feedback from users who are likely to use the prompt pack.

If you get a good number of upvotes, you can take it as a positive sign and create the prompts for the topic and list it as a product on the marketplace.

Ability to like and comment on all Discussions in the community

Other Community members will be able to like and comment on all your discussions and can also participate in voting for your idea.

Create products to add the Marketplace
A separate panel to add products to the marketplace by filling in all the details of the product including product name, description, image and even setting up the price in the currency of your choice. The best part is you can create as many products as you want without any cap.

Activate / Deactivate Products anytime

Once the product is created it can be set to be listed on the marketplace and can be deactivated anytime with a simple button.

Integrate Payment Gateways
Payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe and Razorpay can be integrated to collect payments directly to your account.

Set up Email Notifications on Purchase

You can send out email notifications on Purchase to the buyers and can even integrate your own SMTP settings.

Set up Admin Email Notifications for every sale

You can also set up to receive notifications when each sale happens.

Users can Review & Rate the Product

Buyers can rate the product on a scale of 5 and even Review the product which will be displayed on the Marketplace.

Display Sales count & Seller information

Sales count and Seller information will be displayed on your product listed on the Marketplace.

For example if 5 people have picked your product so far, it will display as 5 people purchased. This encourages other users to buy.

Autoresponder Integrations to add buyers to your list

You can also integrate your Autorepsonder to create a buyer list that can be used to deliver your product.

Additionally we also have webinar integrations in case you want to run a webinar for your customers. We also have Image Integrations to help you use images from other apps for your Product information.

Manage Orders

This will give you a detailed list of all buyers for all the different products and helps you keep track of all the sales that have happened.

BONUS #1 Product Banner Images – $147

Fully editable product banner images that you can use to list your products on the Prompt Marketplace. These banners are designed to get attention and get you more clicks & sales.

BONUS #2 Side Hustle Success – $57

Depending on one source of income is so old-fashioned. This report will hand over 7 Side Hustles that will help you consistently generate income month after month.

BONUS #3 Make First $100 On The Web – $127

Anyone who has struggled enough to earn a consistent income online would tell you that Affiliate Marketing is the best bet. You don’t need to create products or offer services. You simply need to pick someone else’s product and sell it to make commissions.

This special course will help you make your mark in Affiliate Marketing and help you earn your first 100 dollars effortlessly.

BONUS #4 Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing – $97

AI is growing huge and Prompt Engine Pro is all about helping you Embrace AI. But you need to learn how to use the power of AI in Digital Marketing to either run your own Business or help others. This will help you learn how you can effectively apply AI in digital marketing.


Special Deal: Manage Unlimited Clients & Maximize your Profits

Unlock your Ready to Profit ChatGPT Success Agency with Unlimited Client Management & Fully Done-For-You Client Getting Marketing Kit!

  • Ability to create unlimited client Accounts
  • Assign Clients to Specific Workspaces
  • Custom Branding on Client’s Dashboard
  • Ability to add unlimited Team Members
  • Assign Team Members to Workspaces
  • Done-For-You Agency Website
  • Done-For-You Sales Video to offer Social Media Marketing Services
  • Done-For-You Facebook Ads
  • Done-For-You Fiverr gigs to sell Social Media Marketing Services
  • Done-For-You Client Presentation
  • Done-For-You Cold Calling Scripts
  • Done-For-You Email Swipes
  • Done-For-You Client Contract

We wanted to make it easy for you to offer these services, manage your clients and look super professional in front of your clients.

That’s why we are doing something huge for our founding members..

Ability to create unlimited client accounts

We want to help you grow and add as many clients as you want and manage all their work from one dashboard. With the Business Upgrade, you will be able to manage unlimited clients and sell your services to anyone you want without any restrictions. The best part is you will be able to manage all the clients from a single dashboard. Your clients will have a separate login to access their work.

Assign Clients to a Specific Workspace

You can assign clients to a specific Workspace. Your client’s dashboard will have details only related to the particular Workspace they have been assigned while you will be able to see all the Workspaces at once.

Custom Branding on Client’s Dashboard

Look professional in front of your clients by adding their brand logo as the custom logo for their dashboard. When they login to their dashboard they will be able to see their logo.

Add Unlimited Team Members

When you have a number of clients to manage, you will also need extra hands to manage your Agency. We will also let you add unlimited Team members who can help you manage your client’s campaigns.

Assign Team Members to Workspace

You can assign 1 or more team members to a Workspace and let them handle the work for you. You get to control what the added Team members can do. Very useful when you have multiple clients to deal with and want to delegate work.

Agency Marketing Kit to sell Social Media Marketing Services

A complete Agency Marketing Kit that can be quickly customized and used as per your need aimed at helping you land more clients to any service combining the power of ChatGPT and Prompt Engine Pro

Done-For-you Agency Website

The first requirement to become an Agency and portray yourself as an authority is to have a website.

Our in-house designers have hand-crafted a professional website that would easily cost you thousands of dollars in copywriting and designing if you were to outsource it.

Easily close clients with our professional website and get started right away selling multiple much-needed services to individuals & Local Businesses.

Done-For-You Sales Video

We know how important videos are when it comes to selling. We take extreme care to craft our videos. Right from the Video script to making every bit of it engaging. 84% of people watch a video before they buy a product or service. Videos are crucial and having a professionally done Video is super important! Your Agency website is incomplete without a video.

We’ve created a stunning sales video that you can use to sell services to your clients. You don’t have to hire any expensive copywriter, video creator and a voiceover artist. We’ve done all the hard work and we’re giving it to you so you can start profiting immediately! And you know when we have done it, it is going to be hyper-engaging and addictive.

Done-For-You Facebook Ads

We’ve got you the website and video. The next thing you need is traffic. We will give you high-quality proven-to-convert Social Media Ad creatives. You can use these and drive traffic effortlessly to your website and land more clients to offer multiple services to businesses and individuals.

Done-For-You Follow-up Email Swipes

What’s the next step once you get leads? You need to follow up with them! What better way than to reach them through emails? Our in-house professional Email copywriter has written high-converting follow-up swipes that will convert all your leads into customers!

The swipes have the right ingredients that will trigger the receiver to take action in the right direction and help you land more clients to offer your services.

Done-For-You Fiverr Gigs

If you want to sell your services as a freelancer on Fiverr or Upwork, we’ve still got you covered. As you know it is not easy to stand out in a crowded marketplace. We researched and took inspiration from gigs that have sold well. We have created a high-converting DFY Fiverr gig which you can copy & paste and start getting clients to offer your services using Prompt Engine Pro on these marketplaces!

Done-For-You Phone Scripts

There are 1000s of businesses out there that need help with their Business in various aspects. They may be living just around you. You can quickly look up businesses in your locality & call them to convert them into leads & sales!

When you have a professionally written sales script you know what to talk about and you can confidently convert them into a prospect & eventually a customer.

Our expert sales team has drafted these cold-calling scripts to easily close clients!

Done-For-You Client Presentation

We decided to leave no stone unturned. Want to convert your leads into clients? We’ve got an exclusive sales presentation. Use this presentation to floor your prospects and get them interested to pay you for your service.

Done-For-You Client Contract

We want you to look super professional when selling services to businesses. That is why we hand-crafted these contract templates which you can customize and share with your clients to look legit, stay safe while charging more for your services.

BONUS #1 Deal Closing Secrets – $167

Helping small businesses market their products and services is still quite profitable.

Smart small business owners know they must be online if they want to survive. But they don’t have the time to learn digital marketing.

This video series was made for online marketers who want to close deals with online or offline businesses.

For a lot of people, the thought of having to sell can be intimidating.

This step-by-step, 6-part video series takes you by the hand and shows you how to close deals without selling.

BONUS #2 Consulting Wizardy – $137

Did you know that you can earn just by providing advice to other people? Not any advice but expert advice. With Prompt Engine Pro by your side, you can easily become an expert in any Niche and provide your valuable guidance to other Businesses and charge them for the service.

This is a very high-paid service and you actually need only a bunch of clients to make a good income.


OPTION 1: 50 LICENSE ($147) 
OPTION 2: 100 LICENSE ($197)

Sell Prompt Engine Pro to other creators, freelancers, Agencies, and Business Owners & keep 100% of the profits with our exclusive Reseller Rights ONLY for the Founding Members!

10X your profits with this upgrade

  • Create & Sell Access to Prompt Engine Pro
  • Sell Front End & Advanced
  • Set your price
  • Keep 100% Profits
  • Separate Reseller Panel
  • Complete Marketing Materials
  • Sales Copy
  • Video Sales Letter
  • Proven to Work FB Ads
  • Email Swipes

Everyone has started using ChatGPT and is on the lookout for tools and apps that will make their job easier with ChatGPT.

At this stage, there are not many tools available to do what Prompt Engine Pro does and it would be such an easy sell.

Our goal is that maximum people should use our app and benefit from it and you can help us do it while profiting from it.

This is not your regular reseller opportunity where you just become an affiliate to earn 50% commissions.

We are enabling you to sell with complete authority and even let you sell the front end and upgrade. The best part is that you can set the price and keep 100% of the profits.

Prompt Engine Pro is such a generic App that everyone needs..

We are also going to give you all the marketing materials you need to sell this..

I can confidently say that there is no other app like Prompt Engine Pro that makes using ChatGPT a breeze and gets 100X better results.

This is your opportunity to explode your income potential using our super awesome App..

It’s taken me a decade of experience to create what I have created in about 6 months!

To create an app that is relevant and what people need, you need to be on Top of things and know technical stuff like the back of your hand.

When ChatGPT was launched, I used it rigorously and firsthand identified the gaps and found ways in which I can make it easier for people to use it.

But it didn’t stop there..

I had to look for competing apps and learn what they did and figure out how to do it better than them and provide value in ways no one even thought about and then work with my technical team and develop that into a viable app after multiple rounds of testing.

It doesn’t stop there..
I even have to provide support and keep improving the app..

Separate Reseller Panel

When you upgrade to the reseller license you will have a separate panel in which you can create accounts for your customers. This is not your regular reseller. We let you have full control and create the accounts yourself.

Ability to set Access Level

You can simply sell just the front end or you can even sell the Advanced version. Either bundles it up or sell it separately. It is totally up to you.

You set the price & keep 100% of the profits.

We do not dictate terms when it comes to pricing. We give you 50 or 100 licenses based on what you pick and you get to sell these accounts as you wish. Charge a one-time fee or charge a recurring fee. You can even sell the front end and Advanced separately as an upgrade as we did. You will also collect your payment directly and we do not take any commissions.

Proven to convert sales copy

We’ll give the sales copy of our app Prompt Engine Pro which can be modified and used. We’ve paid a 6-figure copywriter, 1000s of dollars to get these sales materials done. You can use it right royally.

Proven to convert sales video script

We’ll give you the Video Script of our app Prompt Engine Pro. You can use this script to create your own Video effortlessly or you can even use our Video. We’ve spent thousands of dollars in creating this video script. We’ll also give you our fully done Videos which you can edit and use if needed.

Proven to sell FB Ads

We’ll share with you the Ad copies & design of the Ads that we used during our launch. You can use the same Ads to get traffic or retarget the visitors who came to your sales page.

Proven to convert Email Swipes

We will also provide you with proven-to-convert Email swipes that were used during the launch of the app by us and our affiliates.

BONUS #1 ConvoBots Reseller 50 License – $297

ConvoBots helps businesses create patterns interrupting Chatbots using progressive disclosure Technology!

The visitors are in for a surprise when they land on pages powered by ConvoBots! The bots will respond to their choices instead of confusing them with irrelevant information.

And the best part is as a business owner you can even understand and find what went wrong and where exactly people are dropping out using ConvoBot’s deep analytics!

You get 50 Reseller licenses to sell Convobots as a special Bonus when you pick the Prompt Engine Pro Reseller License.

[wc_highlight color=”yellow” class=””]Note:[/wc_highlight]

Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.


  • Do I need the paid version of ChatGPT for Prompt Engine Pro to work?
    No. The basic free version is sufficient for this to work and get you great results.
  • Do I have to copy & Paste the Prompts?
    The app comes as an Overlay on ChatGPT when you have the Chrome extension installed. You do not have to copy & Paste Prompts. You can simply point-click and choose.
  • How is this different from any other prompt Extension or Prompt packs?
    This comes as an overlay inside of ChatGPT and gives you multiple categories, sub-categories, and easily customizable prompts to choose from along with Refinement options. Plus the app also comes with a backend to store all the conversations and even a teleprompter to record videos using AI-generated content. Plus this is the only App that comes with Agency Features that will blow your mind.
  • What Can I use this Prompt Engine Pro App for?
    This Prompt Engine Pro App can be used to ease your regular work or it could be the starting point of your online journey. Whether you want to kick-start a New Business or start creating content for Social Media or offer service to other Businesses as a freelancer you can do it all using this app.
  • I am not interested in becoming a content creator. How else can I profit using this Prompt Engine Pro app?
    No problem. You do not have to shoot videos or create content. This app can be used for a variety of other purposes. Using this you can set up your own Agency or Freelancing Business and offer a whole host of services or embark on your Affiliate Marketing journey. There is so much more. I am only scratching the surface here.
  • What does the backend of the app include?
    The Extension runs inside of ChatGPT and comes along with a backend where you can store all the interactions with ChatGPT in separate workspaces. You can also record videos using an in-built Teleprompter.
  • Can I know about the Upgrades?
    Yes. Definitely. We have 6 upgrades, everything related to the main product you are about to pick.
    Upgrade 1 – Advanced – It unlocks Advanced features, refinement options, more options inside the Teleprompter, and even unlocks unlimited workspaces and prompts.
    Upgrade 2 – Prompt Marketplace – This is where you can get creative, add prompts, sell them to other users, and keep 100% of the profits.
    Upgrade 3 – Business Upgrade – This will unlock unlimited clients and give you all the superpowers to run a Prompt Agency
    Upgrade 4 – Prompt Club – This unlocks 1000 more prompts in fresh categories and even gives you access to fresh prompts every month for the next 1 year.
    Upgrade 5 – Mid Journey – Huge collection of Prompts to generate Images for websites, graphics, social media, ads and so much more.
    Upgrade 6 – Reseller – License to sell Prompt Engine Pro and keep 100% of the Profits.
  • Do you have a bundle deal?
    Once you pick Prompt Engine Pro from this page, you will be presented with a fast-pass bundle deal that includes all the upgrades.
  • Is there a Monthly fee?
    You are in luck. We are running a limited-time only founding member’s launch and during this period, if you get Prompt Engine Pro, you will be able to secure it for the lowest possible one-time-only price.
  • Do you have a money-back Guarantee?
    Yes! We do have a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for some reason, you can claim a full refund within this period.
  • I have never used Chat GPT or any AI tools before. Will Prompt Engine Pro work for me?
    You do not need any prior experience to use the app. Prompt Engine Pro is 100% Newbie friendly.
  • I have specific questions. How can I get them answered?
    Sure. Please write to us at support@promptenginepro.com
  • Do you have Tutorials?
    Yes! We do have Tutorials and a fully searchable knowledge base that will hand hold you to create your first campaign


I hope that my Prompt Engine Pro OTO can help you to make up your mind more accurately and quickly. If you have any questions leave a comment on the blog post to let me know. Thank you for reading. Good luck to you!


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