Promotional Marketing and The Impact of Promotional Merchandise

Promotional marketing strategies have a great reception among consumers. As we will see in this article, the promotional actions that can be implemented are varied, and you just have to choose the most suitable one according to the type of business and start enjoying the benefits that promotional marketing generates in companies. Promotional products, advertising are a few of the tactics which can benefit the product greatly.

What is promotional marketing?

In order to identify consumer sentiment, promotional marketing conducts various surveys that help to identify the opinions of customers about a product or sales method. If the audience is large enough, or the answers to questions require reflection, then use the questionnaire, which in this case is more appropriate.

Another form of research is an offer to a certain group to evaluate the necessary product or commercial. Some situations that need to be checked are modeled in practice as an experiment.

What are the goals of promotional marketing?

Promotional marketing has various goals that can be short-term, medium-term, as well as long-term. In relation to price, the short-term goal is to justify a high mark-up on a new or updated product, the medium-term – the appearance of a positive image of the company, and the long-term – the creation of a brand and the strengthening of its position.

In relation to costs, advertising for a short period does not reduce costs, the average aims to automatically search for customers, which reduces sales costs, and the end result should be an increase in the volume of the product sold, which reduces production costs.

Short-term goals in relation to sales volume are expressed in the growth of sales. Maintaining a stable level of sales is a medium-term goal, and the ultimate goal is to preserve buyers, who constitute a constant mass of consumers, on which a certain level of sales is held.

Impact of giving promotional products

By giving a partner, client or employee a souvenir with the company logo, you will create a valuable connection, and through the narration of your story, your target group will hear you. The most successful companies are always those with a close-knit team and close ties between its members. Promotional products help to attract people’s attention, fosters a sense of unity and communication, thereby uniting the digital brand of the company and people.

Therefore, many large enterprises are now spending on advertising products about a third of the budget allocated for marketing. Studies also show that corporate gifts contribute significantly to brand awareness.

Sophisticated business gifts will help to stand out among competitors and more successfully establish contact with customers, increase the loyalty of existing customers and the likelihood of repeated purchases.

Do not forget about promotional merchandise to companies and entrepreneurs offering Internet services, because they help partially transfer the brand from virtual reality to the real world, which gives a significant advantage over competitors and increases the brand’s popularity.

Employee gift program as a basis for company success

Any entrepreneur faced the problem of finding and retaining good employees. One of the methods to increase employee loyalty is carefully thought-out promotional gifts like uniforms, Among other things, they can save on the search and training of new employees. Already at the hiring stage, a possible new employee forms an impression of the company. Therefore, it will never be superfluous to offer a small souvenir, for example,  corporate pens, a keychain, or a reflector. Clothing with company logos will help the newcomer to quickly join the team, and he will feel his importance for the company.

Corporate gifts for their employees give long-term, future-oriented results. Firstly, any recognition motivates people, and if a souvenir with a company logo is also personal, practical and necessary, such as, for example, a backpack or a suitcase, it shows that they appreciate you.

Also, their own employees will be the first to evaluate selected souvenirs, which will allow you to quickly make the necessary adjustments.

A good advertising idea is a publication in social networks and on the site of photos of workers in clothes with company symbols. This will create a positive image and help to get more contacts for less money than just placing a company logo on the Internet.

Increase customer loyalty and improve brand name

The employee recognition program is also useful because it helps to save on hiring and training costs, and a motivated employee performs his duties better and is more loyal to the employer.

Everyone can master the science of choosing promotional souvenirs; an ideal corporate gift is clearly visible and is often used. How to choose the right gift that works and gives joy to both the recipient and the donor?

Collaboration between an advertising souvenir agency and an entrepreneur is important. To achieve the best result, a company wishing to purchase business souvenirs should describe in detail its customers, their values ​​and expectations, and provide other data that will help the agency offer the best ideas. It is also advisable to draw up a strategic plan.

Firstly, you should study the target group: where do they live – in the city, suburbs or rural areas, what age and gender are you targeting?

For recipients of promotional merchandise, it is important that the promotional gift is practical. Important is its design. In third place is the emotional value of the gift.

People also give out companies that distribute eco -friendly or environmentally friendly advertising souvenirs.

Increase company fame through these products

Thanks to the research, the search for corporate gifts has become much easier. The following product categories perform their tasks best:







Investing in promotional merchandise brings as many contacts as online advertising or radio advertising brings. The costs are the same, but people still prefer souvenirs that can be used.


A company selling advertising products always tries to achieve close contact with the customer, since only together can the best solutions be achieved. The best is the unique solutions found specifically for your company – gifts that can hook. Custom-made personal products do not have to be more expensive than goods in stock. It is important to choose the right way to apply company symbols on a promotional gift.