Project management sample research paper topics

Writing a project management research paper is a big task. While a lot of students are engrossed within the examination process along with the internships and part-time jobs going hand in hand, taking out time for writing a research paper becomes a difficult task to do. 

One must understand the dire need to take up Project Management Assignment Help. The Project Management Assignment Experts are well aware of writing a research paper without struggle, this is because they are well-trained to frame one according to the basic format that follows:


  1. Understanding the assignments and the target audience 
  2. Choose an appropriate topic for the same
  3. To conduct research that is related to the assignment topic
  4. To develop a thesis statement based on the research
  5. Then, one needs to create an outline
  6. Write down the research paper according to the basic format of introduction, body and the conclusion. 
  7. Submit it after re-checking, proofreading and providing a proper citation to the same. 

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Sample subject titles for Project Management Research Paper 

Project analysis is a professional course that is taught to the students to take proper measures while managing any kind of project in their organisation. At the end of each semester, they are supposed to submit a research paper that will eventually get them grades. Still thinking about some new research paper title ideas, get some here:


  • Challenges and benefits of project management 
  • Explain some of the pieces of evidence for success and failure of the projects 
  • Projects and politics – credit stealing and blame-shifting game
  • Vendors- common lies and failures 
  • Thinking of outsourcing the project? Get to know some of its advantages and disadvantages.

With more such ideas, students can get amazing grades while they put in the required efforts to get there. But they also get stuck with exams around the corner and mandatory hours to be given at internships and part-time jobs. This is when they can take up Project Management Assignment Help in Australia from the best assignment experts. They make sure that the assignments are well-framed as per the university guidelines and marking rubrics provided to the students to maintain uniformity for the same.