Program NFC tags by the easy steps

NFC means “Near field Communication.” This system can allow two different devices to communicate with each other. If you don’t know about the NFC system, it might seem hard for you. You also can feel that this method is so technical, but it’s not the truth. If you know the basics of programming of NFC tag, you can use it very quickly. Even you can use it to cover your every manual work into automating tasks. Do you want to know about the NFC? Then check the link about “how to program NFC tags” Now, let’s understand how to program an NFC tag.

Requirements for programming NFC:

If you want to learn the programming of NFC tags, then you need to know some specific requirements or things. This are the necessary information as you use modern devices. You must have-

  • First of all, you need an NFC tag. You can buy it from any IT store or can order it from Amazon. NFC tags are not so expensive.
  • You should have an android device or smartphone which has the capability of using the NFC tag. Check your phone or device if it is suitable for NFC.
  •   Then you have to download an NFC app for the process. Don’t worry; this app is free of charge.

Write tar program data for the NFC tag with your android.

If you have all the capability, then you can meet the minimum requirements. Now follow the steps to write data for the NFC tag. Programming an NFC tag is like rite the command you want to perform to your label. Download a free app for the NFC tag from the play store and use it. Now follow all the steps one by one.

  • Start NFC option:

Enable the NFC option from your android. Go to the phone’s setting option, select Bluetooth & device connection. Tap on connection preferences and then turn the toggle of NFC.

  • Download NFC app:

Search the app named “Trigger” and install it to your phone. Open the app, and you will find that you have to make a new trigger first. Do it by tapping on the Plus “+” icon, which is at the right corner of the bottom.

  • Give the command to start:

Now you’ll find a new page, select the next button to continue. Now you have to add a command to the app for performing the tag you’ve chosen. After doing all this, press on the “Next” button.

  • Open Bluetooth option:

You’ll find many types of actions for attaching them to your tag for performing. 

For example, if you use the Bluetooth option, that means it will turn on or off when the tag will be tapped. Press the “Next” button after that.

  • Program your NFC:

Here is the central part—right the data for your NFC tag. Add your NFC tag near the NFC location, which is usually beside the camera. And then your app will re-write your actions automatically for your NFC tags.

  • Finish the task:

The app will inform you by sending a success message if the tag runs successfully. And yes, your programming is finished. From now on, when you tap the phone for your NFC tag, it will perform automatically.

Final verdict

Nowadays, NFC tags can provide immediate responses according to the function in the NFC tag. It can make your life very convenient. An NFC tag is similar to a paper-like-tag. And it can do your works and tasks by using the NFC system. Any android user can afford it and connect it with his phone. And it has become very familiar. Again, an NFC tag is cheap and comfortable to use. You can program it easily.