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ProfitAudio OTO 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5: There are two FE offers and five one-time offers. The First ProfitAudio OTO is the PRO Version, the second is the Enterprise Version, the Third is the DFY License, the fourth is the Reseller License, and the fifth is the IMX Bundle Version. There are other downsides. All information >>>

ProfitAudio FE and ProfitAudio DS: $5 OFF

ProfitAudio OTO 1: ProfitAudio PRO

ProfitAudio PRO DS: $10 OFF

ProfitAudio OTO 2: ProfitAudio Enterprise

ProfitAudio Enterprise DS $10 OFF

ProfitAudio OTO 3: ProfitAudio DFY

ProfitAudio DFY DS $5 OFF

ProfitAudio OTO 4: ProfitAudio Reseller

ProfitAudio Reseller DS $150 OFF

ProfitAudio OTO 5: ProfitAudio IMX Bundle

ProfitAudio IMX Bundle DS $10 OFF

FrontEnd Details

As of August 2023, new Hour-long audiobooks with actual human speech are created by AudioGPT Tech using just one keyword. By merely entering a single keyword, this state-of-the-art technology, which was unveiled in August 2023, enables you to produce lengthy audiobooks utilizing actual human speech. The production of audiobooks is streamlined using this ground-breaking method, which increases its effectiveness and accessibility.

Beginning Pack Contains: Get 10,000 AI-generated pre-recorded audiobooks that you can start selling right away. You get an amazing selection of 10,000 pre-recorded audiobooks, all produced utilizing AI technology, with the starter pack. With the immediate inventory that these ready-to-sell audiobooks give you, you may launch your audiobook business on the very first day.

Transform ANY written material into human-sounding speech for use by you or your clients: You can convert any written text into high-quality, human-sounding speech using this tool. You may easily turn textual content into captivating audio for your own use or to serve clients, creating new opportunities for content delivery.

Utilizes ANY Language: Use CHATGPT to TRANSLATE ANY recording into more than 75 languages in order to enter international markets: Due to AudioGPT’s ability to convert recordings into more than 75 languages, linguistic barriers are erased. Thanks to the incorporation of ChatGPT’s translation capabilities, this increases your reach and enables you to access audiences and markets that are located throughout the world and speak multiple languages.

Publish these audiobooks to our premium shop, which competes with Audible and is traffic-driven: Your audiobooks are given a home on our premium shop, which receives a lot of traffic. Similar to Audible, this store gives you exposure and access to potential customers looking for high-quality audiobooks.

We both send you traffic and manage delivery, processing, and support for payments: AudioGPT is a wonderful convenience because it not only introduces customers to your products but also handles important operations like delivery, customer service, and payment processing. You can concentrate on developing and growing your audiobook business thanks to this easy method.

It’s useful for more than just audiobooks; you can use it to make distinctive, human-sounding audio for voiceovers, podcasts, “text-to-speech” technology, and even movie dubbing. With this tool, you can produce a variety of human-sounding sounds in addition to audiobooks. You have the flexibility to create a variety of audio content, from voiceovers and podcasts to text-to-speech programs and even movie dubbing.

The ONE and ONLY “AudioGPT” program that produces hours of speech content with actual human voices As the only program that can produce extensive audio content with real human voices, AudioGPT stands apart. Your creations gain value from their distinctiveness, which also puts you ahead of other content producers.

Your audiobooks are broadcast to all the major platforms through an integrated syndicator.” The integrated syndicator tool expands the reach of your audiobook promotion. Your works are spread throughout key platforms, increasing your visibility and audience.

Become the upcoming “Audible Narrator and Author” to sell the most books: You are prepared to pursue success as an Audible author and narrator using AudioGPT. You are equipped to create excellent audiobooks that connect with listeners and could propel you to the top of the best-seller list.

With this function, you may earn money by recording audiobooks for other people and getting royalties. You can earn royalty shares by offering your voice recording services, adding a new source of revenue.

The user-friendly design of AudioGPT makes it accessible to people of all experience levels, even those who are brand-new to the development and production of audiobooks.

Sell voiceover, translation, and audiobook recording services on Fiverr or to nearby businesses with the built-in commercial license: You are permitted to market voiceover, translation, and audiobook recording services thanks to the commercial license. This creates opportunities for you to earn money using your abilities on websites like Fiverr or by providing services to nearby companies.

AudioGPT reduces the need for sophisticated technical knowledge and experience. You don’t need any prior experience to use this program efficiently, even if you’re new to audiobook production.

No ongoing costs: Unlike subscription-based models, AudioGPT has no ongoing monthly payments, ensuring that you can access the service without interruption.

The most popular social media platforms in the world send you unlimited free traffic: Your audiobooks profit from a constant flow of free traffic coming from the most widely used social networking sites in the world. Without the need for additional marketing initiatives, this built-in traffic source increases your potential audience.

Questions and Answers

“ProfitAudio—what is that? A product called “ProfitAudio” is made to enable you to produce excellent audio material quickly and easily. By recording real human speech from written material, modern technology allows you to create audio files like audiobooks and spoken texts.

How many distinct “ProfitAudio” versions are there? “ProfitAudio” has two front-end offers (FE) and five-time offers (OTOs). The PRO Version, Enterprise Version, DFY License, Reseller License, and IMX Bundle Version are among the several variants.

Is it legal for me to use “ProfitAudio” for my business? Yes, you are permitted to use “ProfitAudio” for business purposes. The software comes with an integrated commercial license that enables you to market voice services like spoken texts, translations, and audiobook recording to local businesses or on marketplaces like Fiverr.

Are advanced technological skills required for “ProfitAudio” users? No, “ProfitAudio” is made to be user-friendly and accommodating to users of all skill levels. Even those with no prior technological experience can utilize it effectively.

Are users of “ProfitAudio” able to access technical support? Yes, “ProfitAudio” users can get technical support. You can get help and problem-solving advice from the committed support team if you have any questions or concerns.

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