Profitable Investments in Serbian Real Estate: Best Options

If you need a simple and secure way to grow your capital, investment in real estate is just what you need. One of the countries that offers really good opportunities for buying real estate is Serbia where the construction sector is developing at a tremendous speed. As the country is becoming more and more popular with immigrants, you can find a lot of attractive residential complexes under construction. You can buy an apartment or a cottage and rent it out, thus receiving passive income. What is more, you will have the right to obtain a local residence permit if you invest in real estate. Want to know more about the opportunities that Serbia offers? Here is a portal devoted entirely to Serbia.

Invest in Serbian Ski Resorts

Serbia has several ski resorts (Tara, Zlatibor, and Kopaonik) known around the world, and they attract tourists all year round. In the past few years, the number of overnight stays has increased considerably, which is great news for real estate holders: short-term rent is always more profitable. 

The most active construction area in the Serbian mountains is Zlatibor, and we highly recommend it to investors. Hotels and apartment buildings are growing like mushrooms here. The number of overnight stays has almost doubled during the past year, which is a considerable increase! 

Most of the real estate facilities located in the Serbian mountains are bought in Zlatibor: the local media reports that three-fifths of purchases are made here. The average price per square meter equals about 1,600 euros.

Serbian Spa Resorts: Sokobanja and Vrnjacka

The spa resorts have been a point of attraction for investors in real estate for a long time. Their thermal and mineral waters that heal different diseases have become especially popular in recent years, driving people and capital here. 

The two major resorts, Sokobanja and Vrnjacka, are engaged in tough competition with each other. Sokobanja is overtaking a little bit as the number of tourists who come here is greater than in Vrnjacka. Hostels, hotels, and other places of accommodation are in great demand by tourists who need an overnight stay, which makes the resort really worth investing in. Sokobanja is more than just an area with multiple spa centers: it is a gastronomic hotspot in Serbia as it offers a wide variety of restaurants with delicious cuisine.

As the number of guests wishing to visit Sokobanja increases and the demand for local accommodation is going up, developers are becoming more and more active in the district. Local agents say that the sale of apartments in Sokobanja shows a steady increase, and the majority of them are bought by foreign investors.

The piece per square meter of accommodation in Sokobanja starts at 1,300 euros per sq.m. However, this is true only if you buy property on the outskirts. If you want a downtown dwelling (which will be more popular with tourists, of course), the cost of one sq.m. of living space starts at 1,600 euros. 

Belgrade: the Construction Center

The Serbian capital has always been the most popular spot for investing in real estate. About 40% of all facilities under construction in the country are located here, so you can definitely choose something to suit your taste and pocket. Here are the city’s most popular districts for buying an apartment that you will easily rent out in the future:

  • Novi Beograd
  • Slavija
  • Savski Venac
  • Vračar
  • Dorćol

The accommodation prices are naturally higher here than in other areas of Belgrade. However, the returns on investment will also be higher and faster, especially if you rent the apartment out for a short term.

Accommodation price per square meter in these prestigious districts starts at 3,000 euros per square meter and goes up to 4,400 euros and is even higher in the case of luxury offers. If you want to take a look at particular lots for sale, please click on the above link and request them from our expert using the live chat. We will be glad to provide more information to you.

As for the rental prices, they depend on the property size and location. Larger apartments cost less if we look at the price per square meter. On average, you can expect to rent out an apartment in one of the five prestigious districts above at 700 to 1,200 euros a month (we are talking about 50 sq.m. of living space on average).

We usually recommend investing in studios or 1-bedroom apartments as they are traditionally in high demand. Belgrade is the most visited spot in Serbia, and a lot of business meetings and cultural events are held here. This explains the demand for small apartments as people often need them for a short term just to attend an event.

Novi Sad: Second to Belgrade Only

The recent decades have been the years of substantial economic growth for Novi Sad. The local urban infrastructure is developing at a tremendous speed, which attracts a great number of people here and stimulates the construction of new housing. As a result, the city is one more recommendable area for foreign investors in real estate.

If you want to buy accommodation in a prestigious district, the price per square meter ranges between 2,000 and 2,500 euros. Rental prices differ from place to place, but you can usually expect to rent out an apartment with a living space of about 50 sq.m. at 400 to 600 euros a month.

Novi Sad is a place where different cultural events are held on a regular basis. For example, it hosts the EXIT festival, and apartments to rent are almost impossible to find during this time, so you need to book them in advance. This makes investment in Novi Sad real estate a smart move.

While Novi Sad scores a little below Belgrade when it comes to investment in real estate, it definitely overtakes all the other major cities. You will find a lot of historical and cultural heritage sites here, so the city definitely has a lot of potential. 

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