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Video review for Front End only PROFILEMATE 2023

PROFILEMATE 2023  – Text From This Video

Mark Duane from is here, and welcome to my profile and Mate 2023 review. [Music] [Music] Mark Duane is from This is my review of ProfileMate 2023, so what is ProfileMate 2023? ProfileMate 2023 lets you get free traffic on day one by looking at any Instagram profile’s followers who live in any location and using hashtag searches. We’re in the members’ area, on the dashboard, and I’m going to show you how ProfileMate 2023 works. But before I show you what I’m going to show you, I want to show you the bonuses I chose for profilemate 2023. Okay, here are my special hand-picked Profile Mate 2023 review bonuses. I chose these first six to help you succeed with Profile Mate 2023, and you won’t find them anywhere else. However, you can only get them during the launch period, which ends on March 7, 2023, at 11 a.m. Eastern time, and ends on March 11, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time, so you want to make sure you get these bonuses during the launch period. Anyhow, you get the first six bonuses plus these and my mega hidden bonus package. 97 And again, how do you get these extras? You just have to click the link below this video, go to my bonus page, push the button on my bonus page, buy the program, and then you’ll have access to all my hand-picked bonuses.


Well, those are my Profile Mate 2023 review bonuses, so now I’m going to show you the prices of the upsells. Okay, here are the Profile Mate 2023 prices and add-ons: The front-end version costs 47 dollars, ot01 costs 67 dollars for VIP training and AI cold email writing, ot2 costs 47 dollars per month for VIP searches, and ot03 has two options that cost 197 dollars and 497 dollars. The option for 197 dollars gives you 10 unbranded agency account key licenses, and the option for 497 dollars gives you 50 unbranded agency account key licenses. And to use Profile Mate, you need to install a Chrome extension, which you can get from this button right here. I’m going to play this video because it explains the Profile Mate extension that you need for Chrome. I’m going to play that now, and then I’ll tell you all what’s up and give you a big welcome to Profile Mate. I’m so excited for this video! This is a very important video for you guys to watch because I’m going to show you how to set up your profile the right way for the first time. If you do this exactly right, you won’t have any problems at all. If you ever have any questions or problems, you can click the support button up here. This link is also on the list of frequently asked questions. It’s in your welcome email under the very first dot point, in your JVZoo account next to the product, and in a bunch of other places, but if you need help, make sure to open a support ticket. It’s the only place where we can give support, and it’s always the same day. I have a full team there, so make sure to use them. The second thing to do is to install Profilemate. Click on this link, and it will give you the download. It’s now unzipped as profilemate extension 4, and then we’re going to go to Chrome dot Um, well, we’re going to copy this link here. You can even click on the button directly, but I like to just highlight it. We need to paste this up here, and we only have to do this once. You can see that I already have profile mate here, but I’m going to get rid of it to show you how this will work. If you ever need to update the tool, this is how you do it. We’ll add the extra link here for our updated version, so make sure you have developer mode checked. I can see now that it’s off. I am going to turn it back on here. Once we’ve done that, we just need to go to our downloads and find out where it was. Let me check where I actually put that cheeky guy. Let me pause it for a second, then click the link at the very bottom of my downloads and choose “Extension loaded.


We’re good to go now. Now we’re going to go back through this section, and step two is very important. We need to add an Instagram account to the profile we made here. I always suggest making a new account. If you create a new Instagram account, it won’t have any history from before. If you’re using your own Instagram account, it will have a lot of history from where you’ve logged in. For example, you might log in from your home every day. With profile mate, we sometimes use IP addresses, so if you log in with an existing account, it will say you’ve only ever logged in in Beverly Hills if you log in from the east coast of the United States. And the reason we add this account is to make sure that the person using the Chrome extension is actually a member of profilemate. I’ll show you what I mean: we click here, then I’ll scroll down to the profile name, which will be here. It’s in Google Chrome, and we’ll click “Pin” to bring it to the top. Then, we’ll just click on “Yes, we’re connected to this Instagram account,” and we’ll be inside the software. From here, all you have to do is go to find users and choose which section you want to search in. If you want to go to the follow-up following that you might have seen in some examples, it will go through the followers of anyone that this page is following, like Tony Robbins. Put this up here. Get this username from those people. You can let this go on as long as you want, but just for this demo, I thought I’d make it quick. To look at users, enter them here. submit that little test set. You can choose what information you want to get. I’m just leaving it on all, and we’re good to go, but you might find that your profile mate has stopped for a while. It might have stopped, or it might say “we’re pausing,” and that’s because we’ve done the most searches we can for the day. If you want to go around that, you can Okay, we’re now in the training section of ProfileMate, where you can choose from a number of different videos. This is a welcome message that tells you a little bit more about Profilemate, and then you can watch some webinars that tell you even more about Profilemate. As we scroll down, we get more training videos, and then we get to this video. I’m going to play it because it tells us about the profilemate extractor.


I’m going to play that right now, and then I’ll go back to targeting users. We’ll go ahead and click on that, which will give us a lot of different options that we can choose from to find information about our customers, our followers, and people who like the same things we do. Pages We are going to start with the follow-up following. This actually lets you look at the followers of any profile. For example, if I click on this, I can look at my own profile or the analytics of any other account. I’m going to click on that, and just for the sake of argument, what’s through someone like Tony Robbins? Okay, click on that, and I can then look at this person’s followers or who they’re following. Again, for marketing purposes, the username field is the most important part of this page. We’re going to copy that, and we can use it to get all the other information we need in a second. But for this argument state and this training video, I’m going to go back to the dashboard, and I’m just going to run through these at different sections so users can see their top likers and top commenters again. I can type in Tony Robbins, and you’ll see that there are too many requests to pause in seven minutes. We’ll hear you automatically, and it’s already doing that. Above This means that this is only for our upgraded users who bought our figures package, which lets you look at tens of thousands of profiles every day. If you are not a part of this yet, you should join right away because you can scan 10 times as many users every single day and get a lot more content a lot faster. On top of that, you can also search by hashtag or by location. For example, I always had a tennis affiliate manager. I’m not going to play all of these videos, but you can get an idea of what this is all about. Then, you get to pin the Profile Mate extension to a Chrome tab, which is pretty easy; they show you how in the first video. After that, you learn how to upload emails and what autoresponder to use, and then you get some extra features. High-priced training and then, uh, working with celebrities, but anyway, that’s the training section, and I do recommend that you watch these videos before you try to use Profile Mate. Then you got the premium training, which is a paid thing for VIP members, and then here are your upgrades.


These are different upgrades, but I do recommend that you go through the funnel if you want the upgrades. Then, if you have a reseller license, here are some FAQs for frequently asked questions, and up here you can get webinar support and log out. Well, anyway, if your profile looks like something you’re interested in and you want my hand-picked bonuses, all you have to do is click the link down below this video to go to my bonus page. If you click the button on my bonus page to buy the program, you’ll get access to ProfileMate and my hand-picked bonuses. If you enjoy my videos, don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe. Bell, make a point. Thanks for watching. Stay safe. I’ll see you next time. Mark Twain is back; thank you for taking the time to watch my Profile Mate 2023 review. If you’re interested in Profile Mate 2023 or my hand-picked bonuses, all you have to do is click the link below this video to go to my bonus page. Press the button on my bonus page. If you buy the program, you’ll get access to Profilemate 2023 and my hand-picked bonuses. I just wanted to say thanks for watching, stay safe, and I’ll see you next time.

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