Professional Window Cleaners – Get Your Windows Sparkling Clean!

There are many common mistakes people make while cleaning windows. The window cleaners offer insider tips to clean them properly and give expert advice. Add window cleaning to your regular cleaning schedule and link to other cleaning guides for different house areas.

Preparing for Windows Cleaning

To avoid missing spots and causing damage to the blinds and window sills, it is recommended to laying a clean towel on the windowsill, dust and close blinds, remove fabric window treatments, label and remove screens for cleaning, and use an umpire brush to sweep away cobwebs and loose dirt from frames, hinges, and tracks. 

Dry sweeping should always be done before wetting windows to prevent water from mixing with buildup and creating sludge.

Inside Cleaning

Cleaning inside windows like a pro, first, wipe the windowpane with a damp cloth to remove loose dirt. Then, spray a commercial glass cleaner on the window, starting from the top and avoiding non-glass surfaces. Use a dry, lint-free towel or microfiber cloth to wash the window and remove stubborn dirt. 

Dry the window from top to bottom with a squeegee or towel, wiping away pooled cleaner around the edges. Buff out any streaks with a fresh, dry, lint-free cloth.

To avoid streaks when drying windows, always work from the top down, spray as you go, keep the squeegee blade or towel in contact with the glass, and use the S method, which covers more surface area more quickly. Starting from the top, move the squeegee or towel in a curved S pattern to draw the water or cleaner back to the center and pick it up during the next pass.

Outside Window Cleaning

To clean exterior windows, replace the spray trigger on a garden hose with a high-pressure spray nozzle and solution-dispensing cylinder. Use gentle pressure to remove the initial layer of dirt. Window clean Perth WA service uses a telescoping pole with microfiber cloths at the head to gently scrub the glass for hard-to-reach windows. 

Rinse water-only and dry with a telescoping squeegee, wiping the rubber blade with a clean cloth between passes. Alternatively, screw a jug of Windex’s outdoor glass-cleaning solution to the garden hose, spray the glass, and then rinse with plain water.

Remove them from the windows and dust them with a soft-bristled brush to clean screens. Wet the screen with a gentle stream of water from a garden hose, and then wash the screen with a soapy sponge. Rinse the screen and let it air-dry thoroughly before returning it to the correct window. It’s important to remember which screen goes where, as the screens may not fit into other frames.

Window Cleaners Home Remedies

Distilled white vinegar is an effective DIY window-cleaning ingredient. Mix two cups of water with a quarter cup of white vinegar and half a teaspoon of dish soap in a spray bottle to make a homemade cleaner. Due to environmental factors, windows should be cleaned inside and out twice yearly and more frequently for outdoor windows. 

Avoid using lint-creating towels, using too much cleaning solution, forgetting to clean or rotate cleaning supplies, and washing windows on a sunny day. Clean on cloudy days to avoid the sun evaporating water before you can wipe.

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