15 Professional Companies Offering Translation Services in Dubai

Translation services are considered vital in UAE to work across language barriers so that people can communicate with each other and perform all kinds of necessary legal tasks. Dubai and the other emirates in UAE regularly have business owners from all parts of the world who come here to set up their business. This sometimes leads to a language problem as people from other corners from the world usually do not understand the language that is locally spoken in UAE. This has led to the increased demand for professional translation support that can ensure a high level of efficiency. The companies offering translation services in Dubai match your expectations when you are looking to manage your business in Dubai or handle important paperwork. 

Al Etqan Legal Translation Services
Al Etqan Legal Translation Services is one of the pioneering companies when it comes to legal solutions in Dubai. The company excels at all facets of linguistic services in UAE and can deliver highly accurate translated content services. Al Etqan Legal Translation Services has a team of experts that is skilled at offering Arabic-to-English and English-to-Arabic translation services. Being a reliable translation company in Dubai, Al Etqan Legal Translation Services can also offer their translation solutions in languages like German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, French, Chinese, Persian and Urdu just to name a few. 

Aajel Business Services
Aajel Business Services is  known to deliver comprehensive translation to businesses and individuals who are looking to manage their immigration papers or company formation paperwork. As a company that has been offering their translation services in UAE for quite some time now, Aajel Business Services has got the required amount of skills and efficiency to deal with various complex challenges that may arise in their line of work.   

ABC Legal Consultancy Centre
ABC Legal Consultancy Centre, also known as Almontaser Business-Law Consultancy Centre is a well-known global law firm based in Dubai, and the company is recognized for offering thorough and comprehensive legal translation for businesses that can help them to grow and prosper. The company is also efficient at providing translation for businesses that can help their clients to manage their tasks in a proficient manner. All the legal translation offered by ABC Legal Consultancy Centre is fully customizable according to client needs. 

Al Kilani Legal Translation
Al Kilani Legal Translation is a translation company in Dubai that offers comprehensive translation solutions to clients looking for language assistance with their legal documents. The company has some of the most experienced translators and its team of interpreters is capable of delivering accurate results time after time. By adhering to the best academic practices, Al Kilani Legal Translation ensures that the level of work they provide is precise and reliable. The company also safeguards all client information from being misused.   

Bukhari Translation Services
Bukhari Translation Services is definitely considered to be among the best translation companies operating in Dubai. The company offers certified and accredited translation services in Dubai so that customers have no trouble in handling their legal as well as non-legal matters in UAE. The professionals at Bukhari Translation Services can offer live language interpretation services for seminars and meetings. The firm has the skill to offer translation services in more than 120 languages. Apart from legal documents, Bukhari Translation Services can also work on medical, academic, technical and commercial documents. 

Al Monjed Documents Clearing Services
Al Monjed Documents Clearing Services is a B2B translation services company in Dubai with a penchant for offering accurate Arabic to English and English to Arabic translation services. Their translation services are used regularly by clients belonging to various industries. The company not only provides clients with company setup services in Dubai but also assists them in clearing all their legal documents easily. So if you need to manage your immigration documents, then you can rely on Al Monjed Documents Clearing Services.    

Communication Legal Translation Est
Communication Legal Translation Est. is a renowned translation company in Dubai that was first established in 1996. Ever since then, the firm has developed a great reputation in the Dubai market with their competent translation services. The company can offer their translation expertise in more than 53 languages, including Spanish, English, Arabic, Hindi, Hebrew, Dutch, French, German and Korean just to name a few. The type of documents that Communication Legal Translation Est. can translate varies greatly and comprise of business plans, accounting reports as well as education and training materials. 

Al Shahba Translation & Typing
Al Shahba Translation & Typing is a versatile translation support provider operating at the heart of Dubai. The company works regularly with business clients from all over the world, making sure that they have the best quality translation assistance to fulfill their needs. Apart from Arabic and English, Al Shahba Translation & Typing is also skilled at numerous other Asian as well as European languages like Italian, German, French, Chinese, Russian, Persian and Turkish. They also offer interpretation and conference support. Being a company that is dedicated to offer the best experience to their clients, Al Shahba Translation & Typing makes use of stringent quality checks so that the clients are always satisfied with their work. They always take client feedback platform to improve the client experience. 

Al Syed Translation Services
Al Syed Translation Services is a highly successful translation company in Dubai that has an excellent track record of happy customers. The company is certified by the Ministry of Justice, MOFA, ISO, MOE, UAE Courts and Embassies and they always deliver reliable, accurate and competent translation in Dubai to clients. Their expertise covers commercial translation, advertising translation, certified legal translation, technical translation and website translation.  

Text Power
Text Power is a translation services company in Dubai that offers superior quality Arabic language translation services for clients in Dubai as well as other parts of the world. Whether you are looking for Arabic translation services, Arabic localization expertise, Arabic copywriting or Arabic linguistic solutions, you can definitely rely on Text Power for comprehensive support. Text Power can also provide you with the finest Arabic cultural consulting services. They can manage translation requirements for legal documentation, business documents, medical papers, financial documents, press releases and even social media. 

Aldiwan Legal Translation
Aldiwan Legal Translation is a company that excels in all facets of legal translation in Dubai. The firm regularly works with companies in marketing, business, medical, engineering, industrial, financial, and legal sectors. Their translating, editing and proofreading expertise is regarded as some of the best in the industry. The company has been offering their translation services in UAE for a long time now and over the years they have maintained a great market reputation with their stellar translation solutions. By helping customers to have their company formation documents or immigration papers translated, they can handle all the paperwork related to legal aspects. Aldiwan Legal Translation provide their language interpretation at affordable prices. 

Arabists FZ LLC
Arabists FZ LLC is a one stop solutions provider for all kinds of legal documentation translation requirements. The company has the best team of copywriter based translators and they have already handled many projects with a high rate of accuracy. They regularly work with PR companies, multimedia firms, broadcasting companies, publishing firms and advertising firms. This means that no matter the nature of requirement that their clients may have, Arabists FZ LLC can certainly deliver the finest results. Since the translators at Arabists FZ LLC are always prepared to deliver their work on time, they are known for their optimum reliability.   

Dynamic Translation & Office Services
Dynamic Translation & Office Services is a company that has always been dedicated to delivering first rate translation, attestation, interpretation as well as proofreading services. The company has always provided custom translation solutions for all kinds of documents. Whether it is document translation, legal translation or proofreading, Dynamic Translation & Office Services has always been at the forefront to handle it all with utmost precision. They  also offer interpretation services for live events like meetings and conferences.   

Elaph Translation
Elaph Translation has always been dedicated to assist their clients in Dubai to overcome language barriers when they want to manage their business efficiently. The company is skilled at offering translation solutions that can work perfectly for them. Apart from offering English to Arabic and Arabic to English translation, they can also provide subtitles and dubbing for videos by using voice changer. By using their 10 years long experience, they can provide translation services for various types of documents along with live interpretation for events.  

Golden Globe Legal Translation
Golden Globe Legal Translation is a Dubai based legal translation company that can work on various languages like Arabic, English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. The company is owned and operated by Miss Francesca Bordi and she has been involved in the translation industry for a long time. Golden Globe Legal Translation can offer translation along with voice over and interpretation services for clients.    

Wrapping Up
Hiring one of the companies that can provide you with professional Dubai translation services can be a great help for you when you are looking to arrange for immigration papers or any other type of paperwork necessary for your business. ATNINFO is one of the most reputable and trustworthy online business directories operating in UAE and can offer comprehensive information about all the translation companies in Dubai. This can definitely help you to find right solution to cater to your needs.