Professional Tips To Increase Entrepreneurial Sales: The Nehal Khan Edition

Whenever you decide that your future is as an entrepreneur of some kind, you probably already know that you are facing a significant amount of competition and hard times.  This is certainly true, but you can make it a whole easier on yourself by relying on the right professional tips to increase entrepreneurial sales.  Take it from Nehal khan, a recognized leader in digital marketing and an entrepreneur himself.

Top tips to increase sales as an entrepreneur

  • Always go above and beyond for each customer: Sure, answering every little email and getting all of those tiny little details just right each time is a lot of work.  But, it’s that sheer amount of work and focus that is going to make them remember you and come back — and possibly bring their friends.  Customer relations is one of the key elements of succeeding as “the little guy”.
  • Truly listen to customer complaints: When a customer complains about something, now’s the time for you to really understand their pain points.  If something is “too expensive” or “confusing” or it “isn’t right” for their needs, these are all valuable pieces of data that you can use to help you revise your marketing strategies and do better in the future.  There is no such thing as a “lost sale” if you learn from it.
  • Spend your digital marketing money wisely: Money is tight when you are starting out — and it’s important to be cautious with your budget — so when you are looking at digital marketing, spend it wisely.  Get professional advice and support from experienced digital marketers that you are investing in the right techniques to get customers coming your way.
  • Have a talented team at your side: Team members will take you from so-so to top of the list.  This team should include other professionals with unique experience so that you can benefit from each other and all work together to push the company forward.  Whether it’s consultants or actual staff members, have professionals at your side.  There’s no reason you have to go it alone, after all.


  • Remember that all customer engagement is good: Any time that you have a customer engaging with you, it’s good.  Even if they’re complaining and telling you that your product is too expensive or it takes too long, etc, it is a sign that they are interested in what you are offering adn that your business plan is working!  So, even if it doesn’t mean that you get a sale, and even if it can be frustrating at times, it means that our marketing techniques are delivering results.  At this point, you’d apply tip #2 to help you get more positives.

When you are hoping to increase sales, the right approach and the right support are going to make the difference you are going for.  These tips come from other entrepreneurs and are focused on helping everyone find success in every niche, in whatever way that it means for your future.  If you need more help, consider bringing Nehal Khan to be one of your “talented team members” mentioned in #4.  After all, help is always a good idea if you need it!