Professional material handling products for your warehouse

At, we offer a variety of pallet rack options that we can tailor to your business needs. With many decades of experience designing and manufacturing rack systems for our customers, you can expect us to provide an efficient and efficient storage system for your operations.

The drive-in rack system is ideal for warehouses where pallet sizes are standardized, and SQs of the same product are stored in large quantities. When these two factors are present, you can create a very cost-effective high density storage system. This type of rack system can fit into your existing warehouse space due to the flexibility of being able to store two to two pallets in each lane of the drive-in rack. The pallets are accessed with a forklift entry and exit from one side of the racking system. Therefore, the back of the drive-in rack is often placed against the wall.

There are several benefits to using this type of rack system, including:

  • The highest density of pellets stored in a given location for the lowest value
  • Allows you to reduce the amount of storage space required by more than 50%.
  • The forklift operator reduces travel time
  • Can be further customized and integrated with other types of rack systems

Safety and design tips

The safety of your employees is your priority. Drivers should be trained not to load broken or incorrectly straps on racks. To minimize rack damage, install guide rails on the floor in each lane of the rack. These guide rails will reduce the chances of your rack being damaged. A relatively low cost feature that will increase the loading speed of the racks is the load rails. The pallet is moved more easily into the rack using a flat rail at the entrance to the alleys.

Is your existing building out of space? Do you need to expand your palette storage but don’t want to leave more floor space or move to a new facility? Then consider adding a rack supported material handling equipment to create more storage.

You will be able to integrate a pallet rack supported material handling equipment into your existing workspace. This will allow you to develop your palette storage without losing the workspace. Below are some reasons to invest in a rack supported material handling equipment system for your convenience?

Customizable why should you invest in a supported material handling equipment for your business?

With a rack supported material handling equipment, you are able to design a system to meet the specific needs of your business. In many cases, you will not have to install columns to support the material handling equipment, as the material handling equipment will be supported by the floor rack. This design allows you to create a material handling equipment layer economically. This very versatile solution allows forklifts and other equipment to move easily through the corridor under the material handling equipment as there is no support column blocking access to the rack.

Easy to integrate

If you want to increase both your storage and workspace in your facility, a rack supported material handling equipment may be the best solution for you. Material handling equipment floors are supported by various rack systems. For your high-density storage, select pallet racks, push-back racks or carton flow racks can be used to support the material handling equipment to create a wide-open work area, office fee or storage space above the rack.

Great investment

This type of material handling equipment system requires less investment than new constructions. This allows you to keep your storage areas close to your workspace. It also qualifies for accelerated depreciation, which gives a higher return on your investments.

Flow racks are used first-out (FIFO). The FIFO works effectively with the pallet flow rack while allowing the forklift to load new products on the in-take-side of the rack while picking up old products from the other side. This helps ensure proper product circulation, replacing old products before new ones arrive. has decades of experience in providing content management and storage solutions to customers. We can work with you to rack up the rack supported material handling equipment layout with a range of other high quality storage solutions to suit your application. Contact us today to learn more!