Professional Cleaners in Melbourne are here to Save the Day!

“Bits of paper,

Bits of paper,

Lying on the floor,

Lying on the floor,

Make the place untidy,

Make the place untidy,

Pick them up,

Pick them up.”

This is only one of the several rhymes we were taught in nursery about the importance of keeping our surroundings clean. We try to instill the habit of cleanliness in our children, though as adults we often take it for granted, especially if it is in an office building or a commercial space. Everywhere we go, all the commercial buildings we visit, ever wonder how often and how thoroughly they have been cleaned? Do you hesitate to use public restrooms because you are afraid of what infections you catch? The importance of cleanliness is so deep-seated in our brain that we practice it almost unconsciously. Setting a basic standard of cleanliness has become the first line of defense against many germs and viruses. Cleanliness and hygiene have taken up a greater role ever since the pandemic broke out.

However, cleaning of commercial spaces is put on the back burner, even in Melbourne. Most commercial building and facility owners consider cleaning as an expense when it really is an investment. It takes a lot of explanation by cleaning service providers to convince those who hold the purse strings that maintaining a clean environment pays for itself in the future in ways you cannot imagine. As far as cleaning of commercial or public places are concerned, the only places people generally look for cleanliness and hygiene to be maintained are the hospitals and health care facilities.

Introducing Sparkle Office Cleaning Services, Melbourne.

When it comes to commercial cleaning in Melbourne, there is no one better than Sparkle Office Cleaners. Just like their name suggests, they will do their job so well that your office will shine bright like a diamond once they are done! Now that people have slowly started going back to work, the office spaces that have been locked down for more than a year need to be thoroughly cleaned. Even weeks of closure results in building up of mold, dust and pests in any enclosed area, commercial spaces have now been closed for more than a year. We understand how stressful it can be and we’re here to take the stress off your hands. Our expert cleaning services will make the job easier for you. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show.

Services Offered by Sparkle Cleaning Services

We offer a range of cleaning solutions for offices, restaurants, malls, medical centers or any other commercial spaces. Our experienced staff are experts in cleaning commercial buildings that allow us to deliver outstanding services to our clients’ at the most reasonable costs. They make use of advanced and sustainable cleaning methods to make sure your property is spotless.

We at Sparkle Cleaners are your one stop solution for all kinds of business cleaning needs in Melbourne and Perth. Whether you own a grocery store, a school, or manage an office space, our team can clean any surface without any difficulties. We understand that cleanliness is more than just the removal of dust and dirt from any surface. Cleanliness is a relative concept that cannot be measured. You cannot be convinced that an area is clean just by seeing with your eyes. It doesn’t matter how hard one rubs a surface, it does not shine until the viewer says it does. So, when we clean, we make sure you have no complaints and are completely satisfied.

Our janitorial services at school and offices aim at keeping your office neat and tidy always. To make sure of this, we ensure all products and techniques used by us are safe, sustainable and up-to-date. Whether your carpets need dusting, windows washed, chimneys cleaned or you need your cubicles germ-free, we are equipped to handle all. Our expertise in cleaning commercial spaces has made us the most trustable and reliable for commercial cleaning in the Melbourne and Perth region.

We extend our services to schools, restaurants, office buildings, medical labs and offices, corporate offices, retail and warehouses and many more. We disinfect, provide carpet cleaning services, move-out or pre-move-in cleaning, post-construction cleaning and any other service you could possibly require. We use biodegradable, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and environment and child friendly products in all our cleaning methods.

Why go for Sparkle Cleaning Services?

We understand how important it is to keep your surroundings clean. The only other person who is probably as neurotic as us about cleaning is Monica Geller all the way in New York! All our cleaning professionals are trained and certified. We employ our staff only after a thorough background check to make sure you are safe after you let us enter your building. You can schedule cleaning with us as per your convenience and we are open to service during both days and nights. We are very reasonably priced and we provide an accurate quote without any hidden charges after proper consultations. You will not find a better company that deals with all kinds of commercial cleaning in Melbourne under one roof. Call us today!