Product Research Tools for Amazon

Product research is the technique of studying and evaluating the ongoing market trends and making the selection of the right research tools to generate a higher profit margin. Ever since Amazon made its entry into the e-commerce space, various products and services have seen a rapid boost in sales. However, if a beginner wants to establish a thriving marketplace on Amazon, the selection of the right set of research tools becomes of utmost importance and should be done on priority. The presence of ever-changing technology has rendered some of the tools outdated. Still, at the same time, the introduction of new research tools have given the marketplace much needed growth potential.

Types of Research Tools

 1 Seller App 

Amazon itself developed an intuitive and one of the highly advanced research tools, the Seller App; This App makes it easy for businesses and sellers to manage and maintain their sales database conveniently. It helps simplify some of the crucial yet complex tasks such as sales analysis, reviewing orders, and responding to customer feedback. It lets you make changes to your product photographs and generate product listings using your cell phone. Being a free-to-use research tool, adding it to your inventory, is a must.

2 Helium 10

For achieving a successful and profitable sales margin, it is a recommendation to equip your inventory with one of the most sought-after and comprehensive software suites. It is where Helium 10 comes into the picture. It comprises various automation tools to help sellers the best business decisions, efficiently optimize SEO, and assess the competition to drive sales effectively. Consisting of an advanced keyword search tool, Helium 10 makes it a seamless and accurate task to determine the product demand in the market. Moreover, there are three booster and four basic plans to choose from, depending on your business requirements.

3 AMZScout 

More of a browser plugin than a tool, AMZScout simplifies the process of decision-making when it comes to selling a product. Avoiding the conventional method of sales prediction and profit-making, AMZScout analyses the market trends over time, fetches the data automatically, generates detailed sales and profit estimates, and discards the need to navigating to your product’s page for activity tracking. Available on a monthly renewal basis, AMZScout has an immense potential to take your business beyond belief.


In layman terms, Keepa makes it easier to keep track of prices on the Amazon portal. Boasting a host of innovative features, KEEPA offers a detailed and comprehensive layout of price history graphs, price fluctuation graphs, and frequent alerts pertaining to the product availability. Consisting of a regularly updated database of over 200 million products, KEEPA makes it highly feasible and fast to keep track of the product activity in the marketplace. It’s supported on all the Amazon websites globally, making it one of the most important research tools.

5 Feedback Genius

Interacting with the customers goes a long way in fulfilling your profit margin while maintaining the integrity of the product. A user-friendly and simple to use tool, Feedback Genius caters to every customer need by making sure that their opinion reaches out to you and get addressed. With the help of this tool, you can ensure higher buyer engagement by automating email notifications, building your reputation on the marketplace by taking reviews into account and connecting with the buyers at any given point of time to assist and answer their queries.


In all fairness, these tweaks and tools can majorly profit your business in a highly competitive marketplace like Amazon. Even if you are a beginner in the online market, looking forward to gaining a strong foothold, these tools are always available to make you stand out of the crowd. Backed by the latest technology and an intuitive interface, you will never have to exhaust your efforts into looking for any other research tools. We can’t say exact which tool is good in this case, you need to take help from digital marketing company.

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