Procedures of Breast Augmentation with Autologous Fat Grafting

If you are thinking about getting surgery breast augmentation with fat in Mumbai, you may want to consider autologous fat grafting in Mumbai. This cosmetic surgery is safe and has very high success rates. In this article, we’ll discuss the risks and benefits of the procedure.

Nano fat transfer procedure in Mumbai

The procedure of autologous fat grafting uses a micro cannula to collect the fatty tissue from donor sites. These donor sites include the lower abdomen, buttocks, inside thighs and knees, and love handles. The surgeon then uses a syringe to extract the fat. The surgeon will then use this fat to implant into the recipient area.

Top cosmetic surgeons in India perform this procedure with a local anesthesia. The adipose tissue is an excellent choice for this procedure because it is biocompatible and will not cause adverse reactions within the body. Another benefit of using fat harvested from the patient’s own body is that it is safe and does not create donor site morbidity. As a result, this procedure can help you achieve your aesthetic goals without putting yourself at risk.

Breast augmentation with autologous fat grafting

For women looking for an alternative to implants, augmentation with fat grafting in Mumbai is the ideal solution. Known as autologous fat grafting, this procedure uses liposuction to extract fat from other parts of the body and inject it into the breasts. This treatment creates natural-looking breasts that eliminate the risks associated with implants and can also slim down the donor area.

When comparing the two methods of breast augmentation, autologous fat grafting is the more natural and less invasive one. In fact, this surgical procedure is considered to be the most effective procedure for women who are unhappy with their current breast size and shape. It is safe and effective, and results are natural and long-lasting. Surgical procedure can be completed in as little as one hour. After the surgery, a small dressing is applied to the donor site.

Safeness of the procedure

The Safeness of Autologous Fat Grafting is a major issue for patients undergoing this cosmetic surgery. Earlier, the procedure was considered unsafe, due to the fact that it was thought to obscure breast cancer. There were also questions about the procedure’s risks and possible complications. However, there is now scientific rationale behind the procedure. The following article addresses the safety issues and how you can benefit from the procedure.

As more people are opting for fat grafting as a cosmetic treatment, there is a growing interest in the procedure.

Results of the procedure

If you’ve ever had a facelift and were disappointed with the results, you’ve probably wondered if you could achieve the same results with autologous fat grafting. After all, the procedure is relatively simple and you won’t need a second surgery to achieve the same results. During this procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will take fat from different parts of your body and refine it in a special centrifuge. This process separates the useful fat cells from the oil and connective tissue. The resulting pure fat solution is then collected through a thin cannula, or tube. The procedure itself is painless and will last about 30 minutes.In Mumbai, you can choose the best cosmetic surgeon for your autologous fat grafting surgery.

Cost of the procedure

The cost of autologous fat grafting in India varies widely depending on the surgeon and his/her experience. The procedure itself is a relatively inexpensive procedure, and most procedures are performed under local anesthesia in the clinic, avoiding the cost of hospitalization. A plastic surgeon who has performed hundreds of facial fat transfer procedures in India should have the experience and qualifications to handle the procedure. However, the price may be a deciding factor when comparing different doctors.

During the procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will first prepare your donor site. The donor sites include the lower abdomen, breasts, and buttocks, the inside of your thighs and knees, and love handles. After determining the location, the cosmetic surgeon will then use a specialized micro cannula to harvest your fat. This will result in minimal bruising. A doctor will also use a blunt cannula to minimize the chances of bruising.

Plastic surgeon performing the procedure

Facial fat grafting in Mumbai is a highly specialized process, and only an experienced plastic surgeon can perform it safely and effectively. A plastic surgeon performing autologous fat grafting in Mumbai should be highly qualified and have undergone a fellowship in cosmetic surgery. Additionally, he should be familiar with various Fat Grafting techniques and methods. Finally, he should be confident enough to deal with any minor complications that may arise.


The process of autologous fat grafting in Mumbai begins with the collection of fat from a donor site. Several locations are available, including the lower abdomen, buttocks, love handles, and inside of the thighs and knees. The plastic surgeon will then refine the fat by using a special centrifuge to separate useful fat cells from excess fluid, connective tissue, and dead cells. The resulting pure, liquefied fat is then injected into the patient’s body in tiny drops throughout the subcutaneous tissues. The entire procedure lasts about 30 minutes.


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