Problems Caused By Leaks In Flat Roof And Why Flat Roof Leak Detection Is Necessary

Changing weather conditions, use of poor-quality material while construction and neglecting weakened roof sheets by the constructionists are the causes of leaks in roofs. These leaks can take a toll on the building’s health and firmness of the structure. This can be the cause of some serious problems which instigate the need for flat roof leak detection. These problems are discussed here in this article as:

Water ponds formation:

If on the roof of your house, water aggregates and forms into a pond. It is not a good sign. Water cannot stand in the same place for too long as it will find its way down for an escape and in this case, it will go down the roof causing leaks weakening the roof structure.  

Weeds and shrubs:

Because of the water, staying on the roof for too long, small vegetation like weeds, shrubs, moss, fungi, etc. grow in the roof causing leaks and even causing cracks in the ceiling which can be a potential harm to the house. 

Discoloration of roof:

Because of water, the leaks that occur can stay moist and this can cause changes in the color of the ceiling, can destroy paint, and can cause patches of darker shade which affect the look of the house. 

Stretches and cracks:

Another reason why flat roof leak detection is necessary is, the layers or sheets in the roof can also dry up in dry weather causing cracks and stretches in the sheets. These leaks can rip out or wear off the roof with time causing damage to the house’s structure. 

Bubbles and blisters:

The leaks can store in water and moisture for so long that they swell up into bubbles forming blisters in the protective sheets or waterproof sheets in the roof. These blisters can tear up or burst to cause a flow of water into the roof cracks and can give the water access into the walls. 

Damaged roof nails:

Long exposure to moisture and water due to the leaks in the roof can rust up the nails in the building structure causing it to be weakened. These nails may even fall out of the roof which is a serious hazard. 

What to do in such problems?

  • Before opting for leak detection, it is a good practice to clean out all the debris and waste especially if it is causing moisture in the roof. 
  • Whenever one is constructing the house with a flat roof, making sure that the roof is not actually all flat but a bit inclined to make the water flow down and not stand on the roof, is also necessary. 

Flat roof leak detection is a non-invasive and very harmless method, where leeks which are even the size of grain can be detected electronically, making them visible so they can be filled before getting bigger and becoming a hazard to make the roof stay healthy for long. This method is recommended by experts and should be opted for a safe house.