Probable Reasons for a Car Breakdown

It is really hard to list out the reasons for a mental breakdown, but thankfully it is not the same for a vehicle. Over the years drivers have faced several problems leading to a breakdown of their car. So we shall discuss here some of the common reasons that have been observed to be causing the problem and should be avoided.

While you can see the outer surface of the vehicle and any scratch or dent on it shall catch your sight immediately, the internal issues are not always that glaring. So even if you get your external surface fixed,there remains more to pay attention to. Let us see what those are.

Fault in your car battery: one of the most general reasons for facing a breakdown is the battery going down. The possibility of this gets higher in winter times. The batteries are the power igniters that need to charge the motor with power so that the engine can kick start and make the entire vehicle ready to hit the road. There are some specific things that lead to a battery down like, not using the vehicle for the long, faulty battery itself, a problem with the charging, the battery is outdated or a problem in some component of the battery system. It is necessary to get your batteries checked at regular intervals so that it doesn’t turn flat.

Faulty wheels & tyres: while damaged tyres or wheels can be a disappointment in itself, it is also capable of stopping your car midway and causing a total breakdown. Punctured tyres are one of the most basic reasons for the situation which can be avoided by regular tyre and wheel servicing, regular inspections and mindful driving.

Tyre puncture is mostly caused by the penetration of any sharp object creating a hole in the tyre leading to deflation. Although it could also happen due to overburdening the vehicle, anomaly in the wheels, unchecked and neglect of tread depth, and even driving through damaged roads.  While it could be fixed using a sealant, the safest option would be to change into a new tyre. It is also important to check the wheels and the rim for any damage for if there is something concerning, it may repeat it until fixed.

Inappropriate levels of Engine oil: if the level of your engine oil is too low or too high, either situation is a problem for the engine. So it is extremely important to keep a tab on it and refill it with just the right amount. In case of the use of DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), it is important that the DPF regeneration happens which otherwise would lead to dilution of the oil, and that is damaging for the engine health. So it is always advised to follow the recommended levels in the vehicle handbook.

The problem of overheating: as the balance is very important for everything so it is for the vehicle. If your car temperature rises it will be warned about by your temp warning light. So if the light switches on then that indicates there is either a problem in the engine or something in the cooling mechanism. Whichever be the problem, the vehicle has to be at a standstill until the situation is under control. Immediate inspection of the cooling fan and the coolant, and then fixing it is mandatory under professional guidance.

Fuel Problem: An issue with fuel recharge is more popular than you can imagine and so it is all the more concerning. Professionals advise regular checking and refilling of fuel should be done to avoid breakdowns. 

There are certainly more reasons that can possibly call for a breakdown situation, but these are among the most common and concerning ones that can also be easily avoided. While breakdown can be distressing and problematic, it shall never be a problem if the automobile gets a Car Service Shaftesbury done routinely. A well-maintained vehicle is hardly a reason for trouble to the owner or even others around it, so get yours done as soon as possible.