Private Charter Plane vs. Commercial Flights: What’s the Difference?

Commercial aviation has been a nightmare today of long security lines, lost baggage, crammed seats, and unexpected delays. Result in more and more people turning their way and overlooking the complicated and frankly dissatisfying process of flying on commercial airlines, and instead preferring to use private airplane services.

For individuals who prefer to fly without the hassles of commercial airline travel, private air charter travel has become increasingly appealing due to the growing number of private planes and their opening availability.

If you are planning to travel in Australia, and want to make your next trip with private charter flights, there are several companies that provide air charter services Australia-wide. They can provide you with the perfect aircraft to suit your specific travel needs and help you with the process from start to finish. Here we put together a post that covers every aspect of traveling on a private charter plane to help you understand everything you need to know! Let’s take a look…


When you plan to travel on a commercial airline, you need to buy a ticket. There’s a straight word, that the earlier, the better. You will still need to secure a ticket, even if your desire to travel arose unexpectedly and you had to dash to the airport to catch the earliest flight.

The thing immediately changed when you choose private airplane travel, as flight tickets are not necessary. Flight details and the booking process can be started and finalized online or over the phone.

Pricing Model

There is a set cost when you reserve a commercial flight for the day and time of travel. Once you have done that, there is no more after payment. You won’t likely pay any more unless your luggage weighs more than the permitted limit.

Typically, a different price model is used for private aircraft travel. The price is paid per hour. The length of time the plane is assigned to you determines how much the flight will ultimately cost.

Even if private aviation travel is still far more expensive than coach travel, the possibility to charter has dramatically increased the number of people who may be able to do so. It’s not just reserved for those with a net worth of at least hundreds of millions of dollars anymore.

Leg Room

One of the worst problems with commercial flights is the lack of legroom. If you can’t afford business or first class, you should prepare to spend most of the flight in an uncomfortable seat. You actually can’t sit in any particular way when there are individuals seated either on one side of you or on each side of you.

On the other hand, the legroom aboard a private flight is a world apart from such discomfort. In fact, it seems like you have more space than you know what to do with a private charter airplane.


You must be careful with your words and activities when boarding a commercial aircraft because you will be traveling with dozens or perhaps hundreds of other passengers.

Even relatively common moves like sneezing, laughing, and moderate snoring need some forethought. And don’t even think of kicking off your stinky shoes!

That said, the preference for private planes among the famous and wealthy may be primarily motivated by privacy. For instance, you can use your laptop to read a private paper without being concerned that the person behind or next to you might sneak a peek.


Your options for meals on a commercial aircraft are limited by what is offered. There are very few foods you can bring through security on your own, so you either eat what is provided or be prepared to go without.

As airline food has a bad reputation for being made of “plastic,” it can be especially unsettling for those with sensitive stomachs or allergies.

While you have a lot more leeway to choose your meal on a private aircraft. You can specify the exact meals you want to eat to the charter operator and the flight crew days or weeks before your trip.

Baggage Handling

On a commercial flight, your concern is more likely to center on where you will put your luggage when you get there than it is on the takeoff and landing of the aircraft.

In addition to worrying about your bags arriving safely if you are on a big plane or landing at a busy airport, you also have to worry about navigating the crowded baggage claim area.

In a private airplane flight, your luggage is available for pickup as soon as you exit the aircraft. If a car is waiting for you when you get off the plane, it can just take a few minutes to get to your hotel room.