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SMS EasyReader&Printer is a free online application for uploading and supporting *.XML • MSG • VMSG • VMG • CSV • TXT files from all smartphones with Android, Windows Phone and iOS. With SMS EasyReader&Printer you can easily  READ  •  MANAGE  •  SEARCH  •  SELECT  •  GENERATE CHATS  •  VIEW STATISTICS  •  DELETE  •  CLEAN SPAMS  •  EMAIL SMS’ES  •  SAVE  and  PRINT  your SMS text messages and MMSes (*.JPG,PNG and GIF) from all kinds of smartphones and iPhones.

SMS EasyReader&Printer SpeedPRO is the first SMS and MMS management app in the world for all smartphones!

If you spent too much time looking for a good way to print SMS from Android, you’ve finally come to the right place! Here, you will learn how to print SMS text messages from Android for free, without any hidden intentions, fees or viruses! SMS EasyReader&Printer is a user-friendly web solution with a main purpose to help you print SMS from Android. In addition, this program offers a set of features that will make the management and organization of your inbox much easier. Depending on the needs, you can use SMS EasyReader&Printer as a way to transfer SMS text messages, email SMS text messages, print MMSes (*.JPG,PNG and GIF) and print SMS text messages from Android.

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How to print SMS from Android?

  • The first thing you must do is download SMS EasyExporter. You can find the app on SMS EasyReader&Printer home page in section [How does it work?].
  • After downloading and installing the app, the next step to print SMS from Samsung and other Android phones is to export texts through SMS EasyExporter. You can do that by entering the app, choosing the SMS text messages and exporting them to a file named sms_android.vmsg, mms_android.vmsg or sms_mms_android.vmsg.Furthermore, that file will stay in a directory of your smartphone according to your selection.
  • The next step focuses on transferring your text messages to a computer. You can connect your smartphone to a computer via USB or you can send the file sms_android.vmsg, mms_android.vmsg or sms_mms_android.vmsg to yourself via Dropbox.
  • Once sms_android.vmsg, mms_android.vmsg or sms_mms_android.vmsg reaches your computer, you must visit, scroll down the home page and find the button Upload. Click that button, attach sms_android.vmsg, mms_android.vmsg or sms_mms_android.vmsg and proceed.
  • Final step. You will see all your transferred SMS text messages on a big screen. Navigate through your texts, find the SMS you want to print and click Print, the same way you print out anything else from a computer.

Now, do you see how easy it is to learn how to print SMS text messages from Android?

 SMS EasyReader&Printer SpeedPRO

SMS EasyReader&Printer also offers SpeedPRO, a paid version of the program with advanced features. You can buy it for the starting price of $9,99 and enjoy its numerous benefits. Depending on the needs, SpeedPRO allows you to print SMS from Samsung and other smarpthones, print MMS, email SMS text messages, get rid of the ads, upload larger files and access other features with a greater speed in comparison to the free app. You don’t have to buy SpeedPRO without trying it out. SMS EasyReader&Printer lets you use a demo version so you can test SpeedPRO and decide whether you want to buy it or not.

Now that you know how to print SMS text messages from Android, what are you waiting for?! Go to SMS EasyReader&Printer home page and get the best out of your printing experience!

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