Print Marketing Tips: Print Processes Which Produce More, Cost Less

The aim of promotional print products is to reach out to a large audience, grab their attention and lead to faster action, thus leading to higher sales. This is the reason why they are produced in large quantities.


Any business will need more promotional products with time to increase their sales. So, it is only natural that there will be an increment in a company’s use of these as time goes by. Direct mail, brochure or Flyer Printing Online lets you hire printing services that use better and faster methods of printing thus saving time.


When you think your brochure or Flyer Printing products have reached a high-quantity level, maybe around 50,000, you should probably consider opting for automatic printing means rather than traditional print methods. Various printing services lower per-unit cost with faster printing speed that saves a lot of time. This helps you save a lot of money as well.


Following are 3 methods of print production which will save both your time and money

  • Perfecting Presses


If you plan to print on both sides of your print product, opting for the perfecting press is an economical option. A perfecting press is a press that applies ink on both sides of a paper simultaneously, thus saving time.


This is much better than the manual printing technique which involves turning the sheet over after one side is printed and again making it go through the same process. This takes time and also raises the cost of the print.

  • Web Presses


Otherwise called a Roll-Fed press, a web press is perfect for projects that require printing of high-volume. Paper is fed to the press via huge rolls. As the roll releases the paper, the paper frames a nonstop “web” that moves through the press. This paper web is held by a progression of rollers, which move the paper through the press at a high speed. Then, after the images are printed on the paper, it is cut into a definite shape.


Have your print jobs been running on a Web Press? If not, they are likely running on a sheet-fed offset press but their speed is nowhere near to that of a web press.

  • Inline Finishing Capabilities


Inline finishing means the added techniques which the paper is made to go through after it has been applied with ink but has not yet exited the machine. These techniques add to the appearance of the print product by means of folding, trimming, coating, etc.


This ability of the inline finishing saves a lot of time since the paper does not need to be taken to separate machines to add the above-mentioned techniques. This also saves labor and thereby a lot of your budget.


 Online printing services incorporate efficient printing techniques that provide you with your printing materials in less time without compromising on quality. Thus it helps you save more.

If you have seen an increase in your business sales and your business has grown over the years, you should probably reconsider your print manufacturing processes. Online printing California provides a variety of printing techniques to choose from according to your own requirements and printed materials. Be it flyers or brochures, or any other kind of printing, you can easily lower your expenses by comparing your plans and projects with the technique you think will be most suited to it.


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