Print business cards practical tips to avoid mistakes

The business card is an inseparable companion for those who work: you can have a site, print brochures or presentations, have a portfolio, but the business card – the well-made one, with all the data in the right place, beautiful graphics and ad hoc printing – will always remain an indispensable tool, even in the web age.

If you think about it, in fact, today most of the communication takes place online, through sites, social networks, banners, landing pages. We no longer print photos and rarely buy CDs, because we (legally) download music from the internet, and everything is always at hand on your Smartphone or computer.

But the business card cannot (at least for now) be replaced by any presentation or web communication medium. Its function is precisely to remain “material”, to pass from one hand to another, to stop on a desk or be stored in a special binder, ready to provide all the contact information necessary to reach you. Furthermore, it is a democratic tool, usable even by those who are no longer young.

In this article we want to tell you what features it must have and how it is necessary to print business cards, to provide a product that hits the mark.

What information to insert before printing business cards

Clear, immediate, easy to read: this must be a business card at first sight.

First of all, you need to think about the information to be given: surely, there will be your name and surname, the position you hold in the company or your free profession, your site, the physical address, the telephone number and the email. Social accounts can also be useful, especially if you work in the field, but remember well not to overdo it. In fact, too many telephone numbers, e-mails and accounts can create confusion in the reader: better then select a number or two (internal company and mobile) and an e-mail to which customers can reach you.

How to make a file for printing business cards without errors

Once the information to be entered has been decided, the delicate moment of planning begins. It is essential, in fact, that the business card, before printing, is perfect, proportionate, clear in its display and possibly used in its entirety, i.e. printed on both sides. Design and coordinated image should never be underestimated, because communication must be homogeneous everywhere, even on the business card: the logo must not be too small or too large and will be well positioned as a complement to the information. There are aesthetically very beautiful, colored and designed cards, but remember that even a simple and essential business card can make a good impression.

Finally, it is highly recommended to take advantage of all the space on the ticket: for example, the logo on the front and information on the back.

 Better offset or digital when we talk about business card printing?

Once defined, checked (for all the information to be correct and up to date) and closed the file, it is time to print business cards.

The choice falls between an offset or a digital realization and, to understand which one is the best, one must ask oneself how many pieces one wants to print and what their quality should be.

If the pieces are few you can resort to digital printing which is inexpensive and precise, but has some defects: first of all you can choose only the four-color process, therefore no particular shade of color in PANTONE; the paper, then, is limited to some weights and you cannot resort to particular customizations.

When, however, the print run is indifferent (therefore, both many and few tickets), but what interests you is the quality, then the right choice is offset printing company in Ghana. With this system, you can choose from hundreds of PANTONE colors and shades, you will have no limitations regarding paper and, above all, you can customize! Paints, special effects: with offset printing your ticket will be elegant and linear, without renouncing to stand out from the others.

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