Principle Of The Car Battery Is To Have A Constant Level Of Electricity

The principle of the car battery is to have a constant level of electricity. However, it may be necessary to recharge its car battery, emptied of its stock of electricity by keeping a consuming element running for a long time.

However, it may be necessary to recharge its car battery, emptied of its stock of electricity by keeping a consuming element running for a long time. This happens when the user leaves his headlights, lights, car radio or even the interior light on. Recharging the car battery is therefore mandatory to regain use of the vehicle. There are then two effective methods of recharging the battery of a broken down car on your own. It is possible to buy a battery charger and connect it for a long time to the empty battery previously disconnected from the engine. It is also possible to recharge the empty battery by connecting it for a few moments to that of another vehicle.

Charging a car battery does not involve extensive mechanical knowledge.¬†The necessary equipment is relatively simple and commercially accessible.¬†However, handling electrical charges and working on used cars for export online a vehicle’s engine involve certain precautions in order to avoid any risk of damage.¬†It is also advisable to learn a minimum about the type of battery which equips the vehicle.

Secure the work environment

To recharge a car battery, it is particularly recommended to work in a lighted area, even if this means pushing the vehicle to bring the hood and the battery area into full light. If it is not possible to move the vehicle, it is advisable to bring torches. It is preferable, because of the gas emissions produced when recharging the battery, to carry out the operation in a sufficiently well ventilated place. To ensure your personal safety in the best possible way, it is recommended to wear protective glasses and gloves. Although these accessories are not essential, they protect against any sparks emitted during recharging, and against contact with any acid residues. Charging a battery is not a risky operation,

Basic information

To know how to charge a battery optimally, certain information is necessary.¬†It is necessary to determine the battery model, its type, its voltage and its maximum charging capacity.¬†This basic information can be found on the battery case.¬†However, with the help of wear and tear, these indications may be less readable.¬†You have to look for them on the Internet, on the manufacturer’s website.¬†You can also find this information in the technical documentation provided when purchasing the vehicle.¬†The type of battery most commonly used in cars is the submerged cell battery, involving regular maintenance to ensure long operating life.¬†More rarely, cars are equipped with so-called “” dry “” batteries, n ‘¬†involving no maintenance.¬†The latter are sealed with acid seals and operate using gas cells.

The necessary accessories

The accessories needed to recharge your car battery are few in number, and they are linked to the recharging method envisaged. A battery charger should be purchased. The latter is plugged into the mains, and allows you to replenish the empty battery. Be careful, the battery charger will have no effect on a defective battery. There are fast battery chargers, which make it possible to achieve a fairly significantly accelerated full recharge. An efficient battery charger costs on average 30$. The classic models operate an optimal recharge after 10 hours of charge on average. To recharge your car battery through a connection with another vehicle, it is necessary to obtain jumper cables, fitted with crocodile clips. A set of jumper cables costs around $10.

Recharge your battery with a charger

It is recommended that you read the operating instructions supplied with the battery charger. Charging the battery with a digital charger also involves monitoring the progress and the charge level.

The battery must first be disconnected from the engine. No work can be done, for safety reasons, on a battery still connected to the motor, even if the latter no longer seems active.

Once the battery has been disconnected, connect the clamp of the red cable of the charger to the “” + “” terminal of the battery.¬†The black cable clamp of the charger should be connected to the “” – “” terminal of the battery.¬†The battery charger must then be plugged into the mains socket.¬†It is then necessary to wait, on average, about ten hours.¬†The sign of optimal recharging is the slight bubbling of all the battery compartments.¬†The more numerous owners of batteries that involve maintenance, will take the opportunity to rectify the water level of the latter, by adding demineralized water.

How to charge a battery using another vehicle

First of all, the two vehicles should be positioned next to each other, head to tail, without contact between them.

The engine of the car that has a working battery should be running. All other electrical components of this vehicle, lights, headlights, radio, must be turned off.

You have to take the jumper cable set and connect the first alligator clip of the black cable to the “” – “” terminal of the working battery and the second alligator clip of the black cable to the “” – “” terminal of the battery empty.¬†The red cable will be connected to the “” + “” terminal of the operating battery, then to the “” + “” terminal of the empty battery.

Finally, you must then wait a few minutes for a transfer of electrical energy to take place from one battery to another. After a few moments, you should try to restart the vehicle with the faulty battery.


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