Prince of Beverly Hills

My name is Kyle Kohanzad, I am a 18 year old Persian Jew from Beverly Hills, California. I want to get my name out there. I have a big following on social media and have many celebrity friends. I am known on social media for my flashy cars and jewelry that I show off, and for my political posts. I started my jewelry business online when I was 15, and had made enough by the time I was 16 to buy a brand new Maserati, in two months I blew up the engine and got my self a brand new Ford Mustang GT.


My business grew and at the age of 18 I generate $200,000 in sales online a month. I do option trading on the stock market as well. I take risky bets on the market and make a high amount of return with less money put in. I have made over 20 people at minimum a 100,000 dollars. In one stock trade in 4 months I managed to make a friend of mine 550,000 dollars off of a 50,000 dollar investment. I have accumalated over 2 million dollars by the age of 18.

I need an article to promote me as a entrepreneur and can help people make money. I want to become famous.

My instagram is kylekohanzad1( my original account got deleted a few months ago)

tiktok:octopusay69 (I was ranked #5 most influential in all of Los Angeles)