Primobolan Vs Deca – A Detailed Comparison

Bodybuilding and steroids are now considered mandatory for each other. It is almost impossible to discuss bodybuilding or fitness training without referring to steroids. The main reason behind this relation is the evolution that steroids have brought in the world of bodybuilding and fitness training.

Numerous supplements have been introduced in the market to help you in your bodybuilding journey. You can get any one of them according to your preferences and start gaining big muscles or lose stored fat at a quick rate. Primobolan and Deca are among the very popular steroids used by bodybuilders all over the globe.

However, the debate on Primobolan Vs Deca is endless. Some users support Primobolan and some prefer Deca. Let’s try to end this debate by comparing both of these potent supplements. We will compare them based on different things such as usage, pros, cons, etc. So, without further ado, let’s move ahead and compare them to find the best one.

Comparison Based on Nature

We must start by comparing the nature of both these potent steroids.

What is Primobolan?

Primobolan is one of the world-famous cutting steroids. Many bodybuilders and athletes take it to get rid of extra fat stored in their bodies. You can take Primobolan to lose very tough fat that is present in the form of belly fat and love handles. You can enjoy the results even after the completion of the first cycle of this steroid. If you are planning to participate in a bodybuilding competition, then this steroid can put all your muscles on display. Similarly, it improves the agility and performance of athletes as well.

What is Deca?

 The active component present in Deca is Nandrolone Decanoate. It is a very effective steroid for gaining muscles in a short duration. Initially, Deca was prepared to treat cancer patients. It helps them to regain their body mass. Later bodybuilders started using it and it emerges as one of the leading bulking supplements. It speeds up the recovery of broken muscle fibers and adds new muscles very quickly.

Comparison Based on Manufacturers

There is nothing to compare about the manufacturer of these two supplements. Both these supplements are highly potent and are manufactured by some leading pharmaceutical companies on this Planet. Para Pharma, Valkyrie Pharma, Dragon Pharma, and Alpha Pharma are some top manufacturers of these steroids. All these companies are of International standards and are known worldwide. So, both these supplements are prepared by top pharma companies and are known internationally.

Comparison Based on Intake Method

The intake method is one of the biggest things that you have to consider when you start taking steroids. If you are afraid of needles, you cannot go for injectable steroids. Therefore, you need to know the intake method before you plan to start any steroid cycle. Let’s have a look at the intake method of both these supplements.

Both Primobolan and Deca are available in injectable form. You may find their oral version at some random online stores, however, these stores are not trustworthy and may deliver you the wrong products. All legit online steroid shops such as Teamroids have only injectable versions of these two supplements. If you don’t know how to inject steroids, then you need assistance from a senior bodybuilder before starting the cycle of any of these two supplements.

Comparison Based on Uses

Comparing the uses of both these steroids is the key to finding out the suitable steroid for you. Let’s have a look at the uses of both these steroids.

Uses of Primobolan

Just like most of the other steroids, Primobolan was synthesized to treat certain medical conditions. It was highly effective to treat disorders in both males and females. Certain types of breast cancer were treated by this steroid in 1970, it was introduced in Europe. It was the point when bodybuilders started developing an interest in it and using it to achieve their dream body shape. They soon realized its fat burning ability of this steroid and the rest is history.

Uses of Deca

Deca was initially prepared in the 1960s and was used to treat medical problems. It was very effective for patients who had lost their body mass during their survival against deadly disorders such as cancer. It helped them regain this lost body mass. This ability of Deca was noticed by bodybuilders as well. They tried it and found it super effective for bulking. After that, Deca has been a major bulking steroid for bodybuilders of the whole world.

Comparison Based on Benefits

Comparing the benefits of both these steroids is mandatory to have an idea about their effectiveness. You cannot just start taking a steroid without knowing its benefits. Comparing benefits help you pick the right steroid for you. Let’s do this.

Benefits of Primobolan

The following are some of the top-notch benefits of using this steroid.

  • It has several medical benefits. Treatment of specific problems in both males and females and curing certain types of breast cancers are key medical benefits of Primobolan. It also improves your body’s natural immunity which allows you to stay away from several disorders.
  • The main benefit of this steroid is fat burning. It helps in getting rid of extra fat molecules by burning them at a rapid rate. It will convert your body into a fat-burning furnace and help you get in shape after the completion of the first cycle of this supplement. You can take it to get rid of the toughest fat layers that are accumulated in the form of belly fat and love handles.
  • It helps in fat loss by speeding up the metabolic activity of the body. Your body’s metabolism paces up and burns fats. You need to be very focused on your diet so that high metabolism burns only stored fat molecules. This high metabolic activity keeps your whole body healthy as well.
  • Primobolan is beneficial for gaining some lean muscles as well. It helps you get rid of fat and gain some lean muscles at the same time. Therefore, the risk of losing muscles during the cutting phase is also reduced. You end up getting more muscles instead of losing them by taking Primobolan as your cutting supplement.

Benefits of Deca

Now it’s time to go through the benefits of Deca. The main benefits of this highly effective steroid are listed below.

  • Just like Primobolan, Deca also has some medical benefits. It is used to treat specific disorders in women. Postmenopausal Osteoporosis in women can be treated by using Deca. Similarly, this steroid is highly effective when it comes to treating prolonged illness that is mainly due to diabetic problems.  Apart from that, it is beneficial for treating specific types of anemia as well.
  • The key benefit of Deca is muscle gain. It helps in getting a bulk amount of muscles in a very short duration. It promotes the synthesis of proteins that help in muscle recovery and helps you get bigger even before you completed your first Deca cycle.
  • The muscles you gain when taking Deca are not for display only. They possess some real strength as well. This is due to the strength-enhancing ability of Deca. You can experience this strength during workouts in the gym. You will be able to lift heavier than before when taking Deca. It helps you in gaining more muscles as well.
  • Deca is also very beneficial for your joints. It makes your joints flexible by strengthening the fibers and ligaments present between them. This flexibility plays an important role throughout your bodybuilding journey. The chances of getting injured during workouts are minimized when you have flexible joints.

Comparison Based on Side Effects

You should never decide anything after seeing a brighter side only. You must pay heed to the dark aspects as well. Therefore, comparing the side effects of both these steroids is also an important thing. Let’s do this.

The side effects are not very common when you are taking these steroids. You often experience them when taking uncontrolled doses. The key side effects include a rise in cholesterol levels. But this rise is not of high intensity so chances of chronic disorders are almost negligible.

If you keep on abusing Deca for a long time, you may experience sexual problems. Low sexual desires and performance are the major side effects in this case. Both these supplements can cause some minor problems such as acne, oily skin, etc. However, these side effects are reversed after the cycle’s completion.

Where to Buy These Steroids?

Before making a final verdict, you must know where you can get the original version of both these steroids. You can buy them from Teamroids, a legit store to buy steroids online. Teamroids are well known for delivering authentic supplements to every corner of the world.

Final Verdict

Both Deca and Primobolan are highly effective and beneficial steroids. Both are equally important for your bodybuilding journey. If you are looking to gain muscles at a quicker rate, then you must go with Deca. However, if you want to get rid of fat, then Primobolan is the right pick for you. Make sure you don’t overuse them as you will experience side effects only when you abuse steroids.

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