PrimeOakmont Review – Evaluating the Offerings of the Broker

Access to the financial markets has become simpler than ever, thanks to the advent of online trading. In just a couple of steps, you can start trading in some of the biggest financial markets in the world and this is no small feat. But, how do you gain access? This is where brokers come in because they are the ones unlocking the doors for you. Plenty of these also exist, but this doesn’t mean that any of them will do. There are differences in their offerings, features and quality of services that you need to know before making your decision. This PrimeOakmont review can be helpful in this regard.

Established in 2013, PrimeOakmont is a Bitcoin-based platform that is offering its services across 150 countries. It has developed quite an impressive reputation in the market and you will also find it appealing at first glance. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t evaluate its offerings before you opt for its services. It is necessary to do so in order to make an appropriate choice and this review can be helpful:

Their trading instruments 

As PrimeOakmont is a Bitcoin-based platform, many people assume that it only offers crypto trading services, but this is not true. A closer look at their offerings shows that there are more than 100 trading instruments that the platform can offer and these belong to some of the world’s most prominent markets. Indeed, you will be able to trade instruments that belong to the forex, stock, indices and commodities market, along with cryptocurrencies. 

Being able to trade in multiple markets from one platform is a definite advantage. It makes it easier for people to manage their trading. In addition, anyone using the PrimeOakmont platform will have no trouble in diversifying their portfolio because they will be able to access different markets. This can help in mitigating trading risks and increasing profits.

Their trading platform 

One of the most important features that you need to evaluate in a broker is their trading platform because this software is to be used for all your trading needs. You will find that PrimeOakmont has developed one of the best trading platforms in the market that requires no downloading. This is because the platform is accessible via the browser and this makes it easy to access. The fully customizable layout is extremely impressive because it gives a lot of flexibility to traders.

The use of advanced technology by PrimeOakmont ensures quick trade execution and it also comes with a powerful charting engine. Along with these offerings, traders will also notice that the platform has been integrated with some of the best trading tools in the market. You can find drawing tools, a variety of indicators, different chart types and also trade directly from the charts. 

Along with this web-based trading platform, you will see that PrimeOakmont also offers mobile trading apps for its clients, which can be used for trading on the move. 

Their trading accounts 

It is also necessary to evaluate the trading accounts offered by a broker in order to ensure you can find one that suits your needs. You will learn that there are five account options that PrimeOakmont has come up with and each of these is created for different types of traders, such as newcomers, intermediate traders and skilled and professional traders. The choices are Mini, Silver, Gold, Diamond and VIP accounts.

The minimum deposit needed for each account at PrimeOakmont also varies, starting with EUR 250, EUR 1,000, EUR 5,000, EUR 100,000 and EUR 250,000, respectively. You will also find flexible bonus offerings, a personal account manager available, daily market reviews, trading alerts, a complete money management plan, weekly managed sessions, event analysis and other features in each account. 

Final Word

Once you have evaluated these important features, you can conclude that PrimeOakmont is capable of catering to your trading needs.