Prime game changing technologies in the domain of computer science engineering 


Computer science engineering is the most exciting branch of engineering and is considered to be the epicentre of future technologies. The number of aspirants who want to pursue a degree in Computer Science Engineering is increasing at the undergraduate level as well as at the postgraduate level. The saturation of engineering colleges is also increasing as a consequence. Needless to mention, the students now have a lot of choices to choose from numerous engineering colleges regionally. While the top 5 CS engineering colleges in uptu are attracting maximum number of students, the colleges below the list are steadily providing a tough competition. 

A lot of focus is now given on technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning as these happen to be the game changers in the domain of computer science engineering. Let us examine the other technological developments that can prove to be game changes when it comes to computer science engineering. 

Cloud computing 

Cloud computing is all set to be a game changer in the domain of computer science engineering. Cloud computing provides high computational power in a remote environment and does away with the need of installing physical infrastructure. A specialization in cloud computing is becoming very popular in Computer Science Engineering. Cloud Computing usually offers three important models like public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. 

There are also three important services that are provided by cloud computing. The first important service is infrastructure as a service. The second important service is platform as a service and the third important service is called software as a service. All these services are self explanatory and provide remote facilities in the form of infrastructure, platform and software. In the present times, data as a service is also being patronized as the future of cloud computing services. It is at the nascent stage of its development and its scope will increase in the coming time.

Machine learning and deep learning 

Machine learning and deep learning are two big game changing technologies in the domain of computer science engineering. Machine learning operates by allowing a machine to learn from large data sets and improve its accuracy and precision of carrying out a particular task when more data sets are fed in. 

There are three important machine learning models. The first model is called supervised learning in which labeled data is fed to the machine for the purpose of training. The second model is called unsupervised learning in which unlabeled data is fed into the machine for training. The third model is called semi-supervised learning and is a hybrid model between supervised and unsupervised learning. 

On the other hand, deep learning makes use of artificial neural networks to understand different patterns in large data sets. Artificial neural networks comprise different nodes that perform specific functions. Different tasks like feature extraction and image classification can be executed with the help of deep learning networks.

Data science and Data analytics 

Data science and Data analytics are also the biggest game changers in the domain of computer science engineering. In the age of industry 4.0, data is regarded as the oil as well as an invaluable currency. It is believed that a company that is able to leverage the power of data is able to control its future business operations. It is in this context that various companies and organizations are competing with each other to derive critical insights from large data sets. 

This is where the role of data science and data analytics comes into play. Data science provides the tools that allow companies to handle the entire life cycle of data and derive critical insights from it. This allows them to understand customer behaviour and demand of the market as well. For instance, data science techniques and methodologies allow the company to carry out predictive analytics, customer analytics and product recommendation. 

Similarly, data analytics tools allow companies to carry out data mining, data cleansing and data structuring in a short span of time. The relevance of data science and data analytics would continue to increase as the influence of digital technology continues to grow.


Other game changing technologies in the domain of computer science engineering include quantum computing, blockchain and internet of things. These technologies would have a great influence on the future of computer science engineering and would also determine its future scope. The need of the hour is to accentuate the process of research and development in the field of computer science engineering so that this subject becomes the real epicenter of innovation. 

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