Price Of Tibetan Dogs | How Much Is The Price Of A Tibetan Mastiff?

This breed is among the most expensive in the world but he price of a T Mastiff varies widely among regions and countries, as you can see here. The following guide will help you find the best Tibetan Mastiff dogs and discuss what makes a good breeder, and how to choose the right puppy at a fair price.

Tibetan Mastiff Price And Maintenance Costs

The price of a Tibetan Mastiff can range anywhere from $350 to $8,000. What makes them expensive is largely due to the fact that the breed is rare. If you adopt it, you may pay less than $1,000 but if you buy it, you normally pay $1,500 t0 $8,000. Other factors for determining this breed’s price is appearance, health certification, and genetics. Remember that a TM is not only expensive to buy but is also high maintenamce. The Tibetan dog will consume more food per day than an average dog.

A purebred Tibetan Mastiff can weigh up to 286lbs and 20 stone. That’s almost as big as a rugby player! Dog boarding can cost anywhere from $150 to $400. A new dog bed will cost around $2,000 and a shampoo, toothpaste, and other grooming products can be expensive as well.

Aside from maintenance costs, microchipping them will make sure they are easily identified in case they become lost but microchipping is not enough. Instead, these breeds must be spayed or neutered.

The Price Of A Purebred T Mastiff

As you can see in the breedarchive at, Tibetan Mastiffs can be costly if they are purebred. In other words, it is worth researching if you are looking for a purebred TM dog. Most breeders will tell that the price of a TM depends on its purity, rarity, health, and its expected lifespan. We would say that a fully-grown female often costs at least $2,400 if you want an AKC registered dog. The price of a newborn TM puppy is really high as well.

Again, you should know that it is expensive to maintain this breed. In fact, the lifetime cost is up to $44,000. Also, it is important to remember that your TM needs constant grooming due to its size and double coat. Regular grooming at least one a week will be necessary. In addition to the high costs of grooming, you should also be aware of the health concerns associated with this breed. Normally, this is a healthy breed, but a fair amount of TMs need to visit the vet for ailments such as hip dysplasia.

Because TMs are in a sense luxury dogs, the breed is popular among wealthy people in China, who at times have spend more than $1 million dollars on a TM. Similarly, the cost of a T Mastiff’s puppy can be quite high. To avoid paying too much for a T Mastiff, find a certified and registered breeder who has quality pedigree and a great reputation, but still does not overcharge you.

TM Dogs In India

The T Mastiff is a popular pet in India as well, despite its high price. You can buy one at some pet shops in India. The price of a male TM puppy is slightly higher than that of a female. Its wool coat makes it look more majestic and bulkier than its female counterpart. It is a low-temperature breed that originated in Nepal and Tibet, and is a good watchdog and guard dog. This is one of the reasons for why it is so popular and why people are ready to pay quite some money to own a TM. If you want a purebred Tibetan dog, it is worth looking for an AKC-registered puppy before making your decision.

White TM dogs are very rare and can be an investment for some dog owners. However, this breed is not suitable for inexperienced dog owners, since they need firm training. Some cities in China have even banned this breed of dog, since they are guard dogs that can be dangerous and hostile to intruders. So, before deciding to buy this dog, ask yourself if you have what it takes to maintain this beautiful and noble breed.