Price of Surrogate Mother Service in Ukraine

Generally, the local women in Ukraine become surrogate mothers and people recognize their service worldwide for making a higher success rate despite maintaining a reasonable price. You can also bring any woman from your relatives or friends with you here as a traditional carrier to save money. The intended parents, who plan for international surrogacy, often prefer traveling to this country than the other countries for various reasons. However, the action of helping or doing work for them that they get here from the gestational carriers relatively in fair and sensible charge helps them make the decision easily.

The Most Reasonable Costs with the Best Maintenance

An institution in the above-mentioned country operated by a reputed human reproduction group offers 2 packages for the low-income intended couples who can bring surrogacy carriers with them. If you are among this group, you can plan to select this one. As its 1st package, the clinic features the IVF program and your own surrogacy carrier under the conditions of comfort for 17,000 EUROS. And, the 2nd package features the IVF program and your own surrogacy carrier under the terms of the VIP package for 28,500 EUROS. Within the range of this package, they are offering ECO, a healthy baby guarantee, risk coverage (IVF pregnancy, and legal support), your eggs for IVF, donation, accommodation, and meals for clients. Selecting the gender of the child, refund aids, and legal support are the extra facilities in the 2nd package. By this great job, they are contributing to making surrogacy more available than ever.

Common Rates of the Gestational Carriers in the Country

Another famous surrogacy institute in the country has fixed $13,000 to $20,000 as the one-time compensation after the childbirth and $350 to $450 as the remuneration per month based on the demands of the gestational carriers. They charge $2,000 to match the gestational carrier. It is just about the cost for the gestational carrier and all the other charges related to surrogacy will be added with it. But they opine that the gestational carriers who come from Kiev, the capital of the country, apply for higher compensation. It is more than $21,000 to $25,000. Even those who come from the suburbs of Kiev, also expect the same compensation.

An Average Evaluation

On the basis of a widely applicable appraisal of the costs fixed for the action of helping or doing work by the gestational carriers run in 2018, the gestational carrier compensation in this country was $16,000. And, the expense for searching for a gestational carrier was $1000. Aside from these costs for the surrogacy carriers, the intended parents had to spend separately for related expenses. They are agency fees, legal fees, clinic fees, prenatal care, clinic fee, and delivery to complete their surrogacy journey with a dream to have a baby of their own.
The price of surrogate mother service in Ukraine differs in amount, widely being controlled or determined by numerous vibrant causes and circumstances. The above examples will give you an idea about what to be prepared for if you plan to start surrogacy in the country.


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