Preventing Bed Bugs: Never An Easy Feat!

Bed bugs — these reddish insects that feed off warm-blooded animals that often reside in the beds and bedding of people are have propelled affected homeowners. If natural bug prevention methods fail, calling in a team of pest control service Phoenix AZ experts will have the problem taken care of.

These are small and tend to be more active at night, although they are not solely nocturnal.

Bed bugs have been around for as long as we humans have been around. The first-ever historical records of these pests were made by the ancient Greeks.

Since then, these bugs have been colonizing the world along with humans. Today, the urban way of life and the population density in urban centers has brought these creatures back to the forefront of the agenda of many cities and municipalities.

A bite from one can cause a rash and other allergy symptoms where you have been bitten. They were eradicated by the middle of the last century, but by 1995 have been seen again in large numbers, but the reason for the resurgence is unclear.

Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation

They are more active at night but are seen at any time of the day. Any part of the skin that is uncovered is the area where you are likely to see bites, like the face, neck, and hands.

If you have redness and swelling on a bite mark with several in line, it may be an indication you have been infested.

They crawl and this is their main way of spreading. They can be in sofas and other textiles as well as beds as long as there are places that can hide them. Multiple rooms may also be infected and it is not uncommon for entire buildings to be infested either.

Wherever they can get a clear line of travel, they can take over.

Signs that you may have them can be fecal matter on sheets or eggshells and the discarded skin of the adult bugs on the bed frame and around other areas where they may be at.

Other people can also bring them to your home since they can be hidden in their clothing and fall off in your home. A number of sources can cause this and they can be hard to remove due to their resistance to modern pesticides.

Used furniture is the most common way that they do come into homes. Always check them out carefully before you bring them in to minimize your chance of infestation.

Of course, smaller infestations are easier to deal with than larger insect infestations.

Because bed bug populations grow at a very rapid pace, if you think you see one, then you should act immediately.

The best thing you can do is contact a professional and licensed exterminator. Such a professional will know exactly what to do.

As long as the exterminator is licensed and insured then you shouldn’t have any problems. It is important that an exterminator has a license because he or she will have to deal with chemical agents and pesticides and you don’t want an unlicensed managing such chemicals in your bedroom.