Tips on Preventing Fire Hazards Before Tragedy Occurs

Your fire and safety company in Dubai can help you during emergencies. However, did you know that you can also prevent various fire hazards on your own?

Before a tragedy even occurs, prevention is key to your safety. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home or at work, preventing fires is key to your safety. Not only are you safe but you also save money on energy. Here are some tips you can follow to effectively prevent fires.

Install Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are your first step in fire prevention. These nifty gadgets can detect the heat from the smoke and set off sprinklers or alarms which can ensure that you and your family are safe from harm.

All levels of your home should have some smoke alarms. The key areas would be sleeping areas. Make sure to test the batteries every month to make sure that your gadgets are always working.

Practice Fire Drills 

Your building should practice fire drills to help prevent hazards. When you’re going through the fire drill, it’s important to take it seriously. When a fire happens, as much as possible don’t panic.

When you panic, you can cause accidents and put others in danger. As much as possible, it’s always good to keep calm and be focused on your goal, which is safety. 

Don’t Overload Your Circuits

Sometimes we neglect our electronics and leave them overnight to charge. Even to save money, we overload circuits by plugging as many gadgets as we can. It seems like we’re saving money but it’s actually the opposite.

You’re using too much energy which can result in higher electricity bills and you’re putting your circuits at a risk. What happens if you don’t have the necessary surge protection? What if your wires start to melt? That’s a recipe for disaster and you need to be vigilant so you can ensure your safety. Remember the capacity of your circuits and don’t go beyond that. 

Turn Off Your Lights

Unfortunately, some people still use old light sources such as candles, kerosene lamps and more. These are prone to fire if left unattended but you can also catch fire from the following:

  • Malfunctioning Fuse Box
  • Busted Light Fixtures

If you have problems with your fuse box and light fixtures, don’t leave them unattended. Have your mechanic fix it immediately to prevent future accidents.

Shut Off The Gas

Kitchens are prone to fire at all times. This is especially evident if you use a gas stove. Loose gas stove tubes can spread gas into the air. If you forget to turn off your gas after using that can put you in danger as well. Check for leaks and if you smell something odd, report it immediately. 

Replace Wiring

Wiring is in all our electronics. They’re very prone to fires if they’re exposed. It can also cause sparks and can, unfortunately, lead to fires. If your appliances aren’t functioning properly it could be faulty wiring. Have this fixed immediately, you’ll immediately see the difference while also keeping your home safe.

Keep Things Out of Reach From Children

Children love to play and they will actively go around and play with something that catches their eye. If you have any candles, matches, and lighters around, keep this way from your kids.

They could potentially start a fire by playing rough with these “toys”. Make sure to teach them what these fire-starters do before keeping it away.  At least if they found these again, they’ll avoid playing with it. 

Put Away Flammable Materials

We have a lot of flammable materials at home. Anytime, these can start a fire, especially if it’s near your fireplace or plugs. Remove any papers, cloth, or leaves from these areas.

It’s easy to do this at home. Clean your home regularly and properly organize it. This way you can avoid fires even if you’re just keeping your home clean. 

Keep a Fire Extinguisher 

When you see a fire sparking or starting, water may not be enough to put it out. You can whip up your own DIY extinguisher but who has the time for that? Grab a new fire extinguisher instead.

It’s very easy to find this in-store. If you already have this at home, make sure that it’s not expired or used. The last thing you want is running out of extinguisher when you need it the most. 

Key Takeaway

Practicing safety tips and employing your fire and safety company in Dubai can help prevent hazards and tragedy before it even occurs. No matter where you are, it’s important that you know the basics of preventing fire hazards. Unfortunately, fires can happen every day but you can lower the chances of this tragedy by practicing the tips listed above.