Pretty Spreadsheets for Profit Review And OTO

Pretty Spreadsheets for Profit Review
Is It Worth Buying?


Many items on Etsy sell at rock bottom prices and it’s hard for people to make a profit However Spreadsheet templates sell at premium prices! There are Etsy shops making 5 and 6 figures with just a small number of listings. Spreadsheet templates easily sell for $10, $20 or more. This is much better than the printables that many sell. This is a real business that can bring in great money for your customers. 

Pretty Spreadsheets for Profit is an online course that will teach you exactly how to create these spreadsheets in Excel and also Google Sheets so you can sell them on Etsy or anywhere else.

This course includes 12 video training modules with over-the-shoulder learning to help you discover new techniques to create in-demand Pretty Spreadsheets. You’ll also receive a cheat sheet to help you choose an in-demand niche for your spreadsheet fast. Besides, you will also get the bonus video training module for including data visualization tools.

Pretty Spreadsheets for Profit is created by Mitzy who does exactly what she teaches. She is in the spreadsheet niche since forever. And inside you will learn exactly how to do it right. 

What Does This Pretty Spreadsheets for Profit Course Offer You?

You will learn:

♦ Module 1 – From Printables to Spreadsheets: The New Frontier of Etsy Selling

  • Find out whether spreadsheets are a good fit for your business model (or discover which business model suits you best)
  • How to use skills you already have to generate a new product line (and how to identify your skills for product creation)
  • Discover why spreadsheets are a natural progression from other digital products for sale on Etsy (and how you can use this trend to your advantage)

♦ Module 2 – Discover the Benefits of Spreadsheets for Higher Earnings

  • Learn how the advantages of spreadsheets translate into higher profits from your Etsy business (even if you haven’t started your shop yet)
  • Discover how spreadsheets can easily provide an extra income stream (whether you have a similar business already or not)
  • The tips you need for flexibility when you’re selling spreadsheets (so you get to make the decisions that suit you best)

♦ Module 3 – Eye-Catching Design Features for Your Etsy Spreadsheets

  • Discover how to use visually appealing fonts and typography to make your spreadsheets stand out (and why it matters more than you think)
  • Learn how to use eye-catching graphics and icons to add visual interest to your spreadsheets (even if you’re not a designer)
  • Find out how to use color effectively to make your spreadsheets pop and evoke emotion (and how to avoid common color mistakes that turn buyers away)

♦ Module 4 – Marketing Design Features for Your Spreadsheets

  • Discover the marketing design features that attract buyers to you spreadsheets (and make customers hit that buy button)
  • Find out how which extra features to include (and why they do the selling for you)
  • Learn the best way to boost your marketing effort (without too much effort at all)

Module 5 – Implementation – What to Create to Grab Attention

  • Learn how to create spreadsheets that save your customers time and effort (and don’t need to be in a financial niche)
  • Discover how to design a spreadsheet in an easy-to-use format (that won’t overwhelm your customers)
  • Find out the number one thing to focus on (so you won’t go wrong)

Module 6 – Implementation – The Easy Way to Choose Your Color Palette

  • Discover the easiest method to choose a professsional color palette (without being a graphic designer)
  • Learn the best tips and tricks for speeding up your spreadsheet design (while ensuring it looks attractive)
  • Why the most important step in creating your spreadsheet comes at the beginning (get this right and you’ll be wishing you’d known about this years ago)

Module 7 – Implementation: Starting From the Top, How to Design a Custom Image and Place It

  • Outshine your competition and make your spreadsheets stand out (without hiring a graphic artist)
  • Different ways to achieve the best result (you get to choose)
  • Tips to ensure you don’t compromise your design (even if you’ve never created a spreadsheet before)

Module 8 – Implementation: Deciding on Your Tabs for a User-Friendly Experience

  • Discover the easiest way to get it right (and keep your customers happy)
  • Learn how to make your spreadsheet intuitive (to avoid a steep learning curve)
  • Learn this mistake to avoid (so you don’t waste your own time or your customer’s)

Module 9 – Implementation: Using White Space Successfully

  • Discover the secret to removing overwhelm (for yourself and your customers)
  • Find out what the rules are for using color in the white space (and the tricks for formatting cells)
  • Learn when less is more (and how you can use it to your advantage)

Module 10 – Implementation: Making Your Headings and Columns Practical And Pretty

  • Learn how to use borders beautifully (without overdoing it)
  • Discover the easiest way to keep your spreadsheets useful
  • Find out how to keep your spreadsheets practical as well as beautiful

Module 11 – Implementation: Adding Content and Formulas

  • Find out how to make content decisions easily (without taking months to create the content)
  • How to use color to keep your spreadsheets practical (this is not about beauty but rather practicality)
  • Discover how to use functions in your spreadsheets (to make everything work together perfectly)

Module 12 – Implementation: Locking Data and Protecting Your Spreadsheets

  • Easy ways to figure out what needs to be protected (without confusing your customer)
  • Discover the reason for locking data (and when you need this most)
  • Find out what’s essential to include in your spreadsheet (and why you’ll lose sales if you leave it out)

Bonus Module – Advanced Technique for Incorporating Data Visualization Tools such as Charts and Graphs from Data Located in a Separate Sheet

  • Why you should use data visualization tools (it’s not what you think)
  • When to use Charts and Graphs in your spreadsheet (without creating confusion)
  • How to use data visualization tools to your advantage (to keep your customers coming back for more)

Is Pretty Spreadsheets for Profit Legit?

To simply answer this question, yes. Pretty Spreadsheets for Profit is legit. This is a great course which is brought to you by Mitzy Thompson. She is one of the best vendors on Warrior Plus and you can trust. She always gets almost 5 star on her products when she releases them. I learned a lot from her and if you choose to invest, you will too.


My Honest Review – Why Should You Invest In This Course?

In my opinion, Spreadsheet Templates Mastery indeed it’s a great online course and obviously legit. And again, this is brought to you by a creator who already makes money using what she teaches.

This training is guided step-by-step by a master in Excel spreadsheets, so it makes sure that you’ll get sufficient and helpful details to launch spreadsheet templates and bring them to the market easily. Spreadsheet Templates Mastery is a real solution for many people who are looking for well-organized sheet templates to plan and manage their projects.

Building a stable income is possible after going through this course, you’ll know how to effectively offer these profitable spreadsheets on Esty or Upwork and skyrocket your sales. By providing in-demand services, you are able to make profits daily like other shop owners. They are earning thousands of dollars with active listings such as budget spreadsheets, invoice trackers, etc. and you can do the same!

Therefore, you should take advantage of this opportunity to kickstart your very own spreadsheet template sales agency.


Pretty Spreadsheets for Profit Pricing And OTOs

  • Launch starts: Friday, March 17th, 2023 at 9am Eastern
  • Launch ends: Sunday, March 26th, 2023 at 11.59pm Eastern

PRETTY SPREADSHEETS FOR PROFIT FE ($97 value, launch price: $29)

Front End Offer is the main product which will cost you $29. For the front end offer the price you see now is available only during the launch period. After the launch ends, the price for Pretty Spreadsheets for Profit will immediately go up to $47. Soon after that it will go up to full price of $97.

Grab your copy today of this comprehensive video training course to discover how to create and sell these in-demand Pretty Spreadsheet products to achieve the success you deserve




This PLR Spreadsheet pack includes:

  • 5 spreadsheets designed in Google Sheets (each with 2 tabs minimum)
  • 25 Low Competition Etsy Keywords (5 per spreadsheet)
  • 5 Etsy-style Listing Descriptions (one full page per spreadsheet) (these can be used for listing anywhere)
  • 10 Canva Templates for Pretty Titles (2 pretty title images per spreadsheet)
  • PLR rights included

Canva templates provided (these can be used with a Free or Pro Canva account). The PLR license means you can edit these spreadsheets and sell them yourself, in your own store

Similarly, immediately at the end of the Pretty Spreadsheets launch, OTO1 PLR Spreadsheets will go up to the full price of $127.00.

Pretty Spreadsheets for Profit Review – Pros And Cons


  • Increase Your Earnings: These spreadsheets sell for much higher prices than a lot of other digital products on Etsy. By offering pretty spreadsheets you get the chance to significantly increase your shop earnings.
  • Sell with Confidence: When you know what features to include in your spreadsheets you can sell these digital products with confidence that your customers are getting the professional-looking spreadsheet they expect.
  • Enhance Your Etsy Business: By offering pretty spreadsheets, you can add new products to your Etsy shop to revitalize it and attract new customers.
  • Zero Cost: By creating spreadsheets using free tools you can start this business on any budget (even a zero-cost budget).
  • Unlimited Potential: The possibilities for creating and selling spreadsheets is vast with a variety of niches available and more buyers entering this market all the time.


  • Until now, there is none.

Conclusion & Extra Bonuses

Thank you for taking the time to read my Pretty Spreadsheets for Profit Review. I hope I have provided you with enough information about this amazing product.

And the final decision is yours. Good luck to you guys and see you in my next article!

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