Prestige Stone : Best Stone Restoration Company in Brisbane

The Restoration of marble and natural stone focuses on surfaces that, for long periods of use or due to pathologies, show a significant level of deterioration, the main interest being their conservation. However, it is not feasible to restore their original aesthetics to 100%.

After years of study with the team of R & D + I of Prestige Stone, the technical team of Prestige Stone can detect the origin of the pathology of stone and implement solutions to eradicate 100% effectiveness. However, in the same way, as in the Recovery service, the stone can return to its original appearance 100%, in the case of the Restoration of marble and natural stone, which makes the material look healthy and beautiful again acquires a slightly different appearance.   

The fountain has been exposed to various agents over time and has also been deteriorated by the weather. Treatments were proposed to modify the characteristics of the marble that facilitate its staining (absorption and porosity). And a maintenance protocol was recommended. 

Objective 1 – Recover the stone’s original appearance: the surface showed marks and highly deteriorated areas due to use, the passage of time, and weather conditions.

Objective 2 – Improve staining behavior: anticipating that the surface will continue to be exposed to staining agents, its absorption capacity will be reduced.

Objective 3 – Facilitate cleaning and maintenance tasks: taking into account the nature of the surface, its texture, and the use that is going to be given, it will be treated so that the tasks are minimized, significantly increasing both its performance and its result, With the consequent saving of resources to invest in these tasks.

After the passage of time and an “ineffective” maintenance process, the marble presented a high level of dirt, impossible to remove in ordinary cleaning tasks. The surface, in turn, had lost all its shine due to the continued action of the calcareous agents. For this, a thorough cleaning was carried out using products for marble fromPrestige Stone. All of them harmless to stone but efficient in removing different types of dirt. This action was accompanied by the use of brushes of varying granulometry.

Prestige Stone is the world’s largest specialist in natural stone. In addition to the marble and natural stone Restoration service, its Prestige Stone division also offers the best stone restoration.