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Latunya Wright Is The Financial Pro You Should Know!

Introduction About Latunya Wright

Latunya Wright was born and raised in the city of St Louis Mo, with life for her taking a completely different turn early on. As an adult she became a multi business investor with her main focus being in the Tax Business industry!


About Her Carrier

Latunya has been in the Tax industry for 28+ years starting at age 18 yrs old, having core values in business. For her doing good business, providing quality services and helping others, and more has been her focus and driving force in making a name for herself over the years. Some of her strong suits are that she doesn’t give excuses and that if given an opportunity she gives it her all, which is what she expects from others. Being in a business industry such as Finance it can have its hurdles, but being the well rounded Entrepreneur Wright likes to offer a hand up instead of a handout!


Her Beautiful Nature

“A little about myself is that I always wanted to help save the world, what I mean by that is that I would always try to help anyone that asked or gave to whomever needed it. I cared more about others than I did myself and would always put others first. I have learned that I can only help those that are ready for a better journey and the way to help them is to build a platform where I’m giving them a hand up instead of a hand out, to teach them how to eat for a lifetime instead of just a day. Im a giver i always have been and that has hurt me in some situations but it has also taught me something, that “SOMETIMES YOU GOTTA LOSE SOMETHING TO LEARN SOMETHING!”  


Wright has successfully built an empire from the Financial Industry, creating a franchise from her her tax business and credit repair services.



Contact Details


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[email protected]



877-MZBIZTX (692-4989)



13331 Kuykendahl Rd.

Suite 121

Houston, TX 77090