Presentail: How to Start a Business

Presentail is an online gift shop, excelling as an ordering and delivery platform in flower and gift delivery Lebanon-wide. Through us, Lebanese expats are able to gift their loved ones from anywhere around the world by browsing through our website, choosing from the expansive collections and brands, checking out, and finally filling in information related to the delivery process (address of the addressee, date, time, etc…)

All of our success is related to the synchronization of different departments that work together in order to make this happen. Our aim in this article is to help any fresh entrepreneurs accomplish their quest and maintain their business’ prosperity. 

The first step on ‘How to Start a Business’ is to know what type of business you want to find. Is it an online gifting shop? A bookstore? Insurance Company? In short, you have to determine your surroundings and business idea. 

The next step is to do your research. Would this idea thrive in the future? How much are the expenses and are they logical? You can also go as far as to check if the area you’re living in allows the growth and development of your business. A product and market research would also be useful. If most of your goods are from local or international vendors, does their quality justify their cost? Evaluating the viability of the product is important, therefore getting the best deals from vendors of good products could be your winning card.

Furthermore, you need to determine whom your target audience are and why they would choose you over other business with ideas similar to yours. To be able to attract customers, advertising is advised. But always be aware that advertising could be tricky. You need to hit the bull’s eye successfully when vocalizing the main point of your business and how it is delivered to the viewers. 

So we have discussed the idea of the business, determination of the overall cost and quality of the products, and who the target audience are. But businesses can’t be built through random and spontaneous decisions, they need to be studied. Business laws, whether online or traditional need to be learned to avoid any upcoming obstacles and conflicts entrepreneurs might face later on from competition in the global market. 

After getting familiar, the founder(s) of the business would then have a clearer idea of how things work. A license needs to be obtained, in order to own the brand name and image legally and to prevent being plagiarized by other companies. Everything else would fall into place. For example, a good business needs to have a strong marketing team that is able to establish an affiliation with other companies and improve their name in the marketplace. This stretches on to social media campaigns that act like advertisements to empower and increase the familiarity of the business to people. 

One of the most important aspects to focus on while working on a business is launching an e-commerce website that includes what your business is about, what it provides in the service criteria, and how well off they are on search engines. To get into a more detailed explanation about high ranks on search engines, factors like backlinks, coupons, following certain guidelines, and organic traffic through focus keywords are what could render your website on top of the list. 

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