Preschool behavioral issues you should not ignore

At no point do parents think they have it easy, because they do not, but certain stages are especially hard. After the terrible twos come more terrible preschool stage, which is remarked by a lot of challenges.

And since there are greater challenges at preschool age, as your child is learning how to step out in the world, there are greater behavioral issues as well then. Knowing what some of the behavioral issues are and controlling them in time can help in better parenting and discipling.

Preschool behaviors you should not ignore

Helping themselves to snacks on their own

You need to be somewhat strict about your child’s diet. If they are allowed to eat and drink whatever they feel like, it can lead to problematic dietary habits.

Snacking on too much junk food can increase the risk of obesity as well, meriting then help from a child specialist in township Lahore. So, if your child eats without seeking approval of their parents, you need to enforce better ground rules. It does not mean that you do not give them food when they ask for it but make smarter dietary choices of their behalf instead.

Not listening to instructions

If your child is not listening to your instructions, and you have to remind them over and over again, then you should not ignore it. It means that they are not paying heed to you. It also trains them to think that the parents will give instructions multiple time anyways, and they get to choose when they should follow them.

So, do not ignore this behavior. Be firm and direct about what you want them to do. Make the instruction brief so they are not genuinely confused and unable to follow.

Lying or not speaking the truth, precisely

Some parents tend to ignore when their child is lying, chalking it up to imagination. While that is surely true, but if they continue to embellish the truth and lie straight continuously, then it is something you need to address.

They might be lying because they fear your wrath, in which case, you must not overreact to situations, and appreciate them for being honest.

Some children lie because that is what they have observed. This is the fault of the nurturing environment, and the parents then need to fix their mistake as well.

Having too much screen time

Screen time is hard to moderate, since children these days are hooked to the screens, and taking them away makes them scream like a banshee.

Many parents also pluck their child in front of the screen so they can get on with the important chores around the house. It can then lead to the child becoming dependent –of sorts –to the screen.

But too much screen time is a problematic behavior. It promotes sedentary lifestyle, which is a great risk for obesity. Moreover, when parents are not carefully regulating the content, it can happen that children consume problematic content.

For to remedy this behavior, parents need to carefully moderate the screen time. Entertain your children otherwise; it might be hard, but you must do it for to improve their behavior.

Hitting, shoving, or causing physical harm to themselves or others

If your baby is hitting or harming others, then you should not ignore it by chalking it up to children having an attitude. It is a sign of aggression, and therefore, it needs to be addressed.

There has to be serious intolerance for any such behaviors that harm the safety of their own being or others. It is important that you take charge the moment they show any signs of physical violence. Do not hit them in return but set the rule about violence being an absolute red line. If you do not curb this in due time, it can give the child impression that hitting others is acceptable. Similarly, if they occasional bite others, stop it there and then, as some bites can lead to bleeding and wounds that require help from a skin specialist in shahdara Lahore