Preparation can ease fear, doubt, and anxiety

You’ve finally decided to begin your health and wellness journey by acquiring a gym membership. You found a fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment, personal trainers, exercise classes, childcare, and other supportive services to accommodate your lifestyle and needs. However, as you prepare for your first day at the gym, your apprehension and doubt are getting the best of you.

“I’m going to stick out like a sore thumb.” “What if I commit my time, effort, and energy and don’t get the results I want?” “I don’t have a clue what I’m doing or where to begin.” Although these thoughts are common for first-time gym-goers, allowing them to consume you will alter your experience. Rather than talking yourself out of taking an essential step towards better health, use these tips below to make the most of your gym membership.

Before Your First Day

Preparation can ease fear, doubt, and anxiety. Here are a few things you can do before your scheduled gym day:

Take A Tour

Fitness centers have come a long way from having a few treadmills, weight sets, and work benches. Modernized gyms have everything from ellipticals and dumbbells to private workout rooms and saunas. Request a tour of the facilities to see the many resources your membership provides. A tour creates an opportunity to ask questions and familiarize yourself with the gym so you’re not confused on your first day.

Consult A Personal Trainer

The gym is filled with health and fitness experts ready and willing to provide you with advice. Use this to your advantage by consulting a personal trainer prior to your visit. Share your objectives and ask for advice on how to reach your goals. A personal trainer can help you break your goals into small actionable steps and suggest the best machines, courses, and fitness resources.

Sign Up For An Exercise Class

Going to the gym is a lot easier when you don’t feel isolated or out of place. Having other members provide comfort, support, and advice can give you the motivation to accomplish your goals. So, start your gym experience by attending an exercise class. You’ll be surrounded by people with similar interests. It allows you to communicate and cultivate friendships that will make the rest of your experience more enjoyable.

Gym Day

Hopefully, you’ve used the above suggestions to reduce your doubt and apprehension about going to the gym. Here are a few tips on how to succeed on your first day and beyond.

Get In The Zone

It’s all about mind over matter. When you head into the gym, it’s time to get in the zone. Tune everyone and everything else out. Don’t compare yourself to others or worry about what you assume they’re thinking. Remember your goals and your fitness plan, and get ready to make a change to improve your life. Bringing earbuds and a motivational playlist is a great way to keep the focus on self-progression........................................................................................................

Prioritize Safety

Prioritize safety to reduce your risk of getting hurt at the gym. Wearing comfortable athletic shoes with arch and ankle support is one way to reduce injuries. Another suggestion includes wearing comfortable, flexible, and breathable clothing during your workouts. Lastly, read gym equipment instructions and maintain proper posture to prevent getting hurt.

Set Your Pace

Although you may have seen a lot of unique tools and equipment during your tour, don’t try to overcomplicate your workout. As a newbie, it’s best to maintain a slow and steady pace. Start with the basics, like stretching, using the treadmill, and lifting weights. Once you get used to these strategies, expand into other areas of the gym and more complex exercises to garner better results.

Celebrate And Repeat

You’d be surprised how many people purchase a gym membership and never utilize it. Therefore, the fact that you showed up for your first day and put in the work is something worth celebrating. Once you’ve finished your workout, celebrate your accomplishments by patting yourself on the back. A simple “good job” could be all the encouragement you need to continue returning to the gym weekly.

You’re not alone if you’re nervous about going to the gym for the first time. You’re starting something new with no idea how it will turn out. However, psyching yourself out before you ever arrive can keep you from reaping the benefits. Use the advice above to ease your fears as you embark on the journey towards better living.