Prenatal Massage Therapy and Its Benefits For You

Pregnancy massage is a type of massage therapy designed specifically for pregnant women. Another term used to describe it is prenatal massage. Massage during pregnancy can help with some of the aches and pains that come with being pregnant. It does, however, have some risks, and it is not appropriate for everyone or every pregnancy. Prenatal massage therapists might help you relieve pregnancy-related discomfort.

What is prenatal massage?

Massage therapists will utilize hands-on techniques and strategies to assist you in relieving pregnant pain in this form of massage. Relying on the situation, a pregnancy massage can be done before or after the pregnancy.

Is prenatal massage safe for pregnant women?

Yes, it is correct. However, you must inform your doctor that you want to have a massage from a licensed therapist. Massage therapy is considered safe after the first trimester. Before you have massage treatment, there are two things you should consider. Therefore, massage therapy is safe during pregnancy.

During the first trimester.

As per the American Pregnancy Association, women can undergo massage therapy at any point during their pregnancy. Though, some massage therapists will refuse to give massages to pregnant women until the second trimester. In the first trimester, the chance of miscarriage is greater, and many therapists keep apprehension that spiked blood flow during a massage might be harmful. Nonetheless, medical evidence is not there to back this up.

Second, some pressure points on the body are thought to cause contractions or even delivery. As a result, many prenatal massage therapists ask for approval from a doctor before working with pregnant women in the first trimester.

If you have any medical conditions.

Massage therapy stimulates the circulatory system, causing blood flow to change and perhaps affecting specific health issues. Avoid massage treatment during pregnancy if you have any of the following medical conditions:

–        Problem with your placenta.

–        Gestational diabetes.

–        Injury or surgery.

–        Blood clots.

–        Risk of preterm labour.

–        Organ transplant.

–        High-risk ailments like lung or heart disease.

–        High blood pressure that is out of control.

Benefits of prenatal massage for you.

It reduces pain.

As the abdomen stretches outward, the centre of gravity realigns over the hips. Due to the stress on their joints and muscles, some patients have low back, pelvic, neck, shoulder, or sciatic nerve pain. Professional prenatal massage treatment can help to alleviate these discomforts. In research, it has been demonstrated to aid with leg and back discomfort during pregnancy.

Massage will reduce swelling.

Edema, or swelling, is a typical occurrence during pregnancy. The fluid accumulation is particularly visible in the legs, ankles, and feet because the growing uterus will pressure the legs’ veins. Massage treatment can aid in the reduction of fluid retention.

Nothing is like a good night’s sleep.

Sleep issues are common during pregnancy due to physical discomfort, as well as strain and concern. Insomnia and sleep quality might be improved with pregnancy massage.

Flexible fetus positioning.

Massage can help pregnant women maintain proper posture and cope with the shifting alignment produced by the growing baby beneath their bellies. Therapy also helps pregnant women carry extra weight by improving muscle tone and flexibility. Consequently, massage can aid both the mother and the baby in maintaining better alignment and holistically preparing for a safe and sound birth.

Stress reducer.

Prenatal massage can also aid with mood and overall health throughout pregnancy. As per one study, women who undergo a series of prenatal massages are believed to have lower stress hormone levels and enhanced immunological function.

Blood circulation will be good.

Because the human body produces 50-60 percent more blood during pregnancy, circulation is critical—massage therapy, luckily, helps with this process. By improving blood flow towards the heart and enhancing blood flow to the uterus and placenta, your massage therapist will help to make it bearable for the body to process increased blood volume and maintain an optimum venous return to the heart.

Reduces nerve pain.

Many women, especially in the latter stages of pregnancy, suffer from sciatic nerve pain. Because their uterus rests on the lower back and pelvic floor muscles. The pressure will cause tension in the upper and lower leg muscles, which will result in edema. Prenatal care treatment can help mothers obtain the help they need to relieve the stress they’re feeling in their surrounding muscles—women who undergo massage throughout their pregnancy report less pain in their sciatic nerves.


You must consult your doctor before obtaining a pregnancy massage in Calgary from any massage therapist to be safe.

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