Precautions To Be Taken After Joint Replacement Surgery

It is immensely tough when you have lousy knee pains to deal with. It becomes harder to do regular courses if you have just undergone a knee-replacement surgery, as suggested by your doctor. Undoubtedly, the joint replacement hospital in Delhi will provide you with the best treatment all through the period of surgery or post-surgery. But after you return home, you must take certain precautions so that you do not damage the replaced joints anymore or make it worse. It is not much difficult thing to do as you have to follow some simple steps while maintaining your routine so that you get healed very soon. Here are some of the precautions you need to take.


  1. When you are sitting, make sure you either bend your knees or keep it stretched, as suggested by your doctor. Also, keep it pointed for your comfort. Do not sit on the floor, on a stool, swings, or rocking chairs. Every time you decide to get up, take the support of your cratch or the armrest of the chair. Sit on a firm chair where you can keep your back straight.
  2. While dressing yourself up, wear the pants on the keg which you just had surgery on and then put on the rest of the clothes. While removing, remember to undress the cloth around your surgery area at the last. Wear loose-fitting clothes which are comfortable to wear. Prefer elastic ones or easily stretchable ones. Do not forget to sit on the edge of a chair or bed while dressing up. DO NOT STAND.
  3. Follow the basic rules of using the stairs. If possible, avoid them. If you have to use, then put the leg that had the surgery first while coming down and do the opposite while going up. Take firm support until your muscles get stronger again and use the handle. Check for any liquid or any obstacles on the stairs before using it so that you do not fall only to make your condition worse.
  4. While using the loo, you can use an elevated toilet seat so that you do not strain your knees much. Taking a shower can be a painful thing initially. You can stand or sit as you feel like, but do not try hard to sit on a bathtub or reach the shower control. It is better if you sponge your body with long sticks available in the market or ask someone to help you with the parts you can not reach yourself.
  5. While sleeping, keep your knee straight and pointed. Using a pad or extra pillow will damage it. You can do some knee exercises, as suggested by the joint replacement hospital in Delhi.

It is hard to accept that you can not do your regular work without support or help from others. But if you take the mentioned precautions, maintain them, it will only make your healing process quicker. Consult the joint replacement hospital in Delhi to assist you with the right procedures for yourself!