Pre Wedding Shopping: 5 Tips You Must Know

Weddings are one of the biggest lifetime events in people’s life. However, that is not just it. What’s been trending when it comes to weddings since the past couple of years has to be a pre-wedding shoot. It is counted in terms of preparation almost like a wedding for the bride and groom. An exotic location is selected, the photographers are hired, and the whole shoot makes them feel no less than a romantic hindi movie stars. The biggest concern before the pre wedding shoot time arrives is that of the clothes that the couple would choose to wear. So, in this blog we walk you through all the pre wedding shopping tips, so that whatever you pick and choose to wear is nothing but the best.

Let’s begin.A flowy gown is a must

When doing your pre wedding shopping, you must first and foremost buy a gown, the one that is as flowy as possible. Such gowns are like a staple in pre wedding shoots just like lehengas are on the wedding day. You can get really good pictures and videos that would give you chills when you would see them later together.

Keep something traditional-
While all the attires you can omit and choose to keep, we suggest you keep a traditional dress as well like a saree,suit and make the groom wear something traditional complimenting your outfit as well. This look is something that you would not need to think twice about, everyone would approve of and also the one that you are undoubtedly going to look ravishing in.

Black or red for both of you-
Some colors are just such that they bring the best out in you. Aren’t black and red two of such colors. These colors look good on everyone. However, some families consider black color inauspicious. So, if you are not wearing black on your pre wedding shoot because of that then it is understandable. However, if there is no reason to not wear it then you must not forget to carry black outfits for the both of you. In case black is a no no, go for red.

Say no to check and stripes-
Check and stripes should be avoided as when videos are recorded the footage becomes a bit jittery. You for sure don’t want your outfit to look like that or ruin your video for that matter. Infact, solids and floral prints are a great option.

Don’t forget the casuals-
Enough of royal, traditional,and formal outfits, a casual attire needs a space of its own in your pre wedding shoot of photos and videos.

These were our top five shopping tips for the ‘about to get married’ type. Let us know in the comments how you found the blog, Also, don’t forget to share your tips and queries in the comments. Lastly, we hope you have the best pre wedding shoot and wedding-just like you want it.