Pre-employment assessment: What is it and why is it important?

Every type of industry presents its own kind of safety hazards to its employees. From mild to serious physical dangers, the range of potential safety risks is wide and varied for each type of industry. Some of the severe cases include chemical hazards, explosions, fires, or other similar dangers that present an immediate threat to a worker’s life. Milder hazards, on the other hand, include difficulties in mental capacity, workloads, ergonomics, and the general well-being of the employees.

An example of a work environment that can cause mental strain is when employees need to work in confined spaces. That’s why occupational health assessments like confined space medicals are required for such cases. It would also be better if you, as an employer, have potential employees go through a pre-employment medical assessment to ensure that you’re hiring people that are fit for the job.

Pre-employment medical explained

A pre-employment medical is crucial for the health and safety of a workforce. This lets you know if a potential candidate is right for a certain position. This is especially true if the job presents some hazard to the worker, such as when they need to be sent to work at high altitudes. Having them go through a high altitude medical test will let you know if they are physically and mentally suitable for the job.

Those who need to work in confined space or other dangerous work environments will also need to undergo a similar test. And for such cases, it would be best to have professional occupational health consultants conduct the assessment.

Advantages of pre-employment medicals

Here are some benefits of hiring occupational health Brisbane experts to conduct pre-employment assessments.

Find the right candidate

It would be bad for any business to hire the wrong person. It might even put the safety of other team members at risk. For example, those working in confined space or other hazardous work environments should be physically and mentally prepared for the job. Even if just one of them is not fit for the job, things can go wrong for everyone on the team. That’s why each one of them should undergo medical assessments like confined space medicals before hiring or deploying them.

Reduced long-term absenteeism due to injury or illness

Identifying a health concern as early as possible can help avoid the risk of staff absence from long-term injury or illness. Pre-employment medicals are one of the best ways to do this. However, even tenured employees still need to undergo medical assessments, especially if they need to be deployed in dangerous working environments. For example, confined space medicals will let you know if they are suited to work in a confined space or not.

Concluding thoughts

A well-designed and conducted pre-employment and occupational health assessment is vital to the success of any business. You wouldn’t want to hire the wrong people—or worse—someone with a serious health problem. Right? Sending someone with a serious health problem to work at a confined space or high altitude is not just problematic. It can also prove fatal. Make sure to hire a reputable company with a qualified team of medical professionals who are experts in all aspects of occupational health, such as Resile, to monitor the health and well-being of your employees. For more details, take a look at


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