Pranic Healing vs Reiki

Nowadays modern therapy treatments are evolving rapidly. Pranic healing and reiki are ancient energy and meditation methods that are finding a wider audience because of their history of effective outcomes. Pranic healing vs reiki is increasingly considered viable treatment alternatives, or complementary to modern medicine, in this context.

Trance channeling with Kai Clay and Bahlon is a terrific way to understand your own energy, or prana, and increase your perception of your abilities.

A no-touch system is known as the pranic healing method where the energy field of the body and the life force itself is engaged.  This method deals with opening the body’s energy channels and permitting the body to heal itself. This method is also sometimes combined with other medical treatments. It acts on the body to cleanse the respective person’s aura or prana (the energy field of the body and the life force energy) to flow freely. 

Prana is also defined as energy. Our feelings, emotions, and imagination are like a wave of the power, or an energy force. This energy connects to the universe and all of us have such an energy. In fact, this is closer to our true essential selves than many other interpretations, such as “soul.”

Bahlon is especially good at connecting to your energy, or prana, to help you reach your full potential.

This energy is simply part of us. According to modern science, energy can be transformed from one form to another—but energy cannot be created and cannot be destroyed. 

This means, we use our own energy in our lives and can transform it into a healing form of energy. You see, it is not about our own energy but rather about our perception of our energy that is shifted in energy healing. It is about our minds, our understanding, and our abilities to access all our energy fully.

In this way, our perception is changed, can be shifted, our acceptance increased. Acceptance and transformation can then occur, naturally and completely. This is the basic conceptual idea about pranic healing.

This is how Bahlon helps to shift your understanding, and the ability of your own energy to heal and transform your experience.

In terms of Reiki, the practitioner or healer sometimes touches the body. During a reiki massage most practitioners as the participant to lay on a massage table fully clothed, with a calm, peaceful mind. Then the respective practitioner places their palms on the different parts of the body that are hubs for energy.  The practitioner places their palms in different ways, often in up to fifteen different positions when required. 

It is up to the reiki master to choose how long to place their hands, based on their perception of the energy. 

Bahlon also works this way, they will frequently focus on an area of your life you may not be during a reading. This is because it is the most important area for you currently. 

Reiki has been shown to have positive effects on many people. Pranic healing also.  They are quite similar, and often only differ in how an energy healer comes to their own techniques.

Generally, Pranic healing acts on the body by applying positive energy and transforming negative energy. Based on the most common and universal truth about rules of the energy “energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can be transformed from one form to another form”.  

In this method, the practitioner can move energy. Then the energy acts on the healing parts. The reiki method acts on the different parts of the body with a gentle touch of the hand. This process promotes healing in a focused manner.

During pranic healing a popular method is known as sweeping. This method helps to eliminate the obstacle as like blockage of energy and inactive energy permits to enhance energy flow to the body parts. While similar, reiki directs the energy into the body parts by gentle touching of palms.

Pranic healing does not involve any touching techniques. On the other hand, Reiki usually involves the use of light touch. Reiki can be practiced from a long distance by applying symbolic signs of the reiki method. But Pranic healing method is not applicable in terms of long-distance. 

So, pranic healing vs reiki both are based on the practitioner’s understanding and interests. These highly popular techniques are increasingly used worldwide and are effective complementary treatments for a wide range of conditions. In most cases when we compare pranic healing vs reiki we find the results are similar.

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